Aug 202011

Welcome to the LUCKY 13 Coupon Club Rafflecopter Monthly Giveaway. Each member of the “club” is sponsoring $30 or more in coupons for the giveaway. You have to LIKE the 13 Facebook Pages and then you are entered to win $400 + (when redeemed) in coupons.

This months featured “club member” is Tammilee Tips. The featured member is sponsoring $50 in coupons this month. Tammilee has been featured on Extreme Couponing, loves to travel with her husband and here’s why she hosts her blog: to help others save money on the things they need so they have it for the things they want. This could be travel, paying off debt, going out to dinner, building up your savings or anything else. I am amazed every day at how much money can be saved with coupons and sales. I really hope that this site is able to help others live their lives to the fullest. You will get 5 Bonus entries to the contest when you follow her by GFC. Read More >>>

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