Aug 192011
I don’t believe Lego’s was a part of my childhood; but for those of you with kiddos today, I am sure they have to be.  Did you know your child can receive a free Lego’s Club magazine in the mail 6 times a year for two years?  All you need to do is sign them up on the Lego’s website (instructions below…site isn’t very user friendly for subscription sign-up).

There are two publications.  One for the older children and one for the younger children. They also have a link for those who prefer Newsletters.  Heck…if you want to keep it a secret for Christmas, you could even subscribe them to the magazine and put a note in their stocking or the magazine itself (if it has arrived) for a stocking stuffer.


To begin receiving the magazine follow these steps:

  • Go here and Select your region (right top of page)
  • On the ‘Home” page, you’ll see “Recommendations” on the right. Directly under you’ll see the button for “Lego Club”
  • Click on “Lego Club” that will take you to another page
  • At the top of the page you will see the “Behind the Bricks” tab
  • In the middle of the page you’ll see “FREE Lego Club Magazine” and the “Sign Up” button (this same page has the link to sign up for the newsletter as well)

I know my daughter loves receiving mail.  For that matter, I love receiving ‘fun’ mail.  I imagine your kids would look forward to receiving mail just for them, just as much!

Make it a great Friday!

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