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Are you facing the cost of a prom dress?  Although I’m not, I thought I would share with you what I would do if I had prom expenses coming up.  My idea might not save you a ton – but all savings count and all savings add up…especially when you piggyback your savings.

Since it’s hard at times to tell if a prom dress will be the right fit – start by having your prom-goer search various online stores having a brick and mortar store also in your area.  See if they can find anything that they like.  If they find something, you might be able to tell if your local store has it in stock.  If they do great, as a trip to the store to try the article on will give you and your prom-goer a better sense if the prom dress is a good fit.

However, if your local store doesn’t have the same article the prom-goer has picked out online, heading to the store can get them to try on styles that they like and find their optimal size.  Either way, have the prom-goer try the prom dress(es) on for fitting purposes and to determine if the style is something they really like.  But…buy nothing while at the store.

That’s right – buy nothing at the brick and mortar store on this trip.  Jot down the pieces of prom attire’s information that of are interest…and maybe even taking a picture to refer to later.  Then go home and see if you can get that same prom dress on that store’s website.  If not, maybe another website has something very similar that would work just as well.  You already know what styles fit best because you’ve done your homework.

Now it’s time to put your purchase in place.  Take the time to research websites for coupons, promo codes and the cash back /rewards sites (to see which site offers you more cash back for your dollar).  Keep in mind – it’s not always a wise decision to buy through a new site if you’re going to have to wait to get your money back for a long time.

Last step…Start the buying process by:

  • Clicking thru the cash back site you’ve found that gives you the most return on your dollar
  • Add your item to your cart
  • Checkout – this is where you’ll want to have your coupon/promo code ready to enter – some sites will allow you to use more than one coupon/promo code
  • Now pay for your purchase with a card that will give you more return on your money.  So if you have one that offers 1 point for every dollar spent, like the My Points credit card, or 1% or more cash back on your purchases like some many credit cards are beginning to offer – use one of those cards to pay for your purchase.
  • When the bill comes in – if you have a debit card that offers rewards – use that to pay your bill off.

I realize that this scenario may not work for everyone.  However, if it does, please come back and let me know your savings.  If you have any other suggestions – I’d love to hear them.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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  1. Good idea! I love ebates for purchasing and saving and getting cash back! Prom dresses can also be purchased used from a classy consignment shop

  2. I agree with looking for cash rebate and coupon sites. I now know to look first before I buy because yesterday I save more than half off on a virus protector that I have been paying regular price for over the years

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

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