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Ebay has been around for years and provided people all over the world a way to sell their old items. Basically, it’s a virtual garage sale, and many people have found success in selling items or locating something that they truly want/need.

While Ebay is a garage sale of sorts, it doesn’t always mean you’ll automatically find the best price. Sometimes, you have to work for it. Check out the following tips that can help you save money on your next Ebay purchase.

Shop around

Like you would do in a normal purchasing opportunity, it’s important that you shop around. It’s possible that there are multiple people on Ebay selling the exact same thing, and chances are, one of them will have a lower price than the others. This is why it’s very important that you shop around on Ebay. Look up the item you want and scan through all the offerings that are available. You should also consider changing the name or phrasing that you search for, as this could help you get more results. For example, if you’re looking for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle spoon, you can type in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Spoon”, “Ninja Turtle Spoon”, “TMNT Spoon”, and you can even replace “spoon” with “silverware” too. Doing this will allow you to see everything you may want and then compare prices.

Use daily deals

Ebay allows you to sign up for a Daily Deals newsletter that will send you information on all the best priced items for that day. This is a great way to find all the best savings without having to do too much research on your own. Plus, most Daily Deal specials come with free shipping, which means you get even more bang for your buck. You can always sign up and check it out, and if you don’t like it, simply remove yourself from the list.

Look for coupon codes

Most people don’t realize that Ebay coupons exist, but they do. Finding and using these, as well as Ebay discount coupon codes, are great ways to buy the item you truly want for an even lower cost. These coupons and discounts will vary all the time, but saving anything from 10% to free shipping is a great way to save some dough. Make sure that you always do a little digging before buying to ensure you have the best possible savings.

Talk to the seller

Ebay allows you to communicate with a person selling an item. This can be extremely helpful when looking to save money. Pay close attention to the amount of time that an item has been on Ebay, and also do some research to see what the item typically goes for. Then, use this information to reach out to someone and ask if they’d be willing to sell you the item for a lower price. If a seller hasn’t had any luck getting rid of an item, they may be willing to let it go for less just to get rid of it. Not every seller will always agree to the lower price, but it’s always worth asking.

Make connections

You can think of Ebay as a giant shopping network. Sometimes sellers have a theme to the items they sell. If you notice that one person sells items you love, build a relationship with them. This way, when they have something new you may be interested in, they’ll reach out to you. Also, if you have a history of buying from the same person, they may be more inclined to give you a discount on the item for your repeat business.

Whether you shop on Ebay often or barely use it, having these tips in your back pocket will allow you to get the most out of Ebay without spending a fortune.

Do you have any tips on how to save money on Ebay?

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  1. Thanks! I didn’t realize ebay had coupon codes!

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