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Vapes seem to be on everyone’s Christmas list. The hottest item since cell phones, new models and natural flavors are always being talked about. The requests seem simple enough. Find out the type and the flavor, then visit a Vape Shop. Wrong. Vapes have become an industry all their own. There are literally hundreds of choices, with or without temperature options, dry herb or liquid, and on and on. Where do you start?

Then there is Charlie. He doesn’t smoke at all! What’s up with him wanting a Vape? To vape his coffee, he says. Are you kidding me? I think it’s time to read up on this latest fad or everyone is going to end up with a pair of house slippers.

Vapes Versus e-Cigs

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, were created as an alternative to cigarettes. When exposure to second-hand smoke became an issue in public places, ingenious companies went to work to side-step the issue. The e-cigarette was born. As with all new discoveries, bigger and better was now the focus and vaping evolved.

The Government argues that while e-cigs do not deliver second-hand smoke to people around you, they still have similar ingredients of cigarettes. Carcinogens and toxic chemicals (such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde)have been found in most e-cigs, in addition to addictive tobacco.

In Advanced Personal Vaporizers, or vapes, one has the ability to control the percentage of nicotine from very high to none at all. The most prevalent ingredients consist of Propylene glycol (an ingredient found in asthma inhalers), vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, and the yummy flavorings. This news is quite different than what most people are led to believe, but always ask for a list of ingredients. Some manufacturers are not as ‘clean’ with their products as others.

This should make anyone feel better about buying a holiday gift that is questioned as harmful. Now, the next problem is how do you select a good and trusted vape? There are over 250 styles of vapes on the market. The look seems to be by personal preference and a trip to a local Vape store may be warranted. The salespeople can offer assistance in the age group and best sellers for vapes in your area.

Next, the important part. The e-liquid comes in many different flavors and different percentages of nicotine included. The lower the nicotine contained, the better the flavor, say many savvy vapors. Everything from vanilla to pumpkin pie can be purchased as a flavor. Believe it or not, the flavor and the vapor seem to win hands down over the amount of nicotine contained.

If you do not feel comfortable in purchasing this new contraption and selecting flavors, go for a pair of PJs, a T-shirt, or coffee cup that advertises the fact that your gift recipient is a vapor. Or play it safe and hand out gift certificates. Maybe a combination of a gift certificate and a designer vape water bottle would be a pleasant surprise.

Whatever your decision, now you know what vaping is all about and you can rest easy that vaping is not a bad thing. In fact, those tantalizing flavors sound so good that you may end up buying one for yourself.

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This guest post is courtesy of MightySkins, an American owned, operated and manufactured custom skin company that features ipv4 wraps and ipv3 wraps for vaping products as well as many other electronics including phones, tablets, laptops and game consoles.

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  1. Electronic cigarettes helped my QUIT after 41 years of smoking…..its the best i have ever been in my life.

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