Aug 102015

How to Choose a Boat Lift

Even though a boat or another kind of watercraft should be in the water, there are times when you want it to be docked so that it can be cleaned or maintained. A watercraft lift is also ideal if you only plan on using the item for certain times out of the year. It can keep the paint on the bottom of the craft from fading prematurely and prevent any other kind of damage that being in the water for extended periods of time might bring. 

When you begin looking for a lift, think about the time that you want to spend operating it and if you are physically able to operate the lift without assistance. If you might need some kind of help, then consider an automatic lift. The automatic lift is operated using an electric winch. This can easily get the boat out of the water and into a safe position without manually trying to get the boat lifted. 

Look at the dimensions of the boat. Some lifts are only designed for boats that are of a certain size. You also need to look at the weight of the craft so that you get a lift that can provide the support needed. There are some lift companies that will offer an installation option. This means that someone can come to the area to help install the lift and get the craft boarded. A warranty is another thing to consider. If you have a craft that is estimated to be worth a large amount of money, then you will want to get some kind of warranty in the event anything happens to the craft while it’s on the lift. 

There are several styles of lifts to consider. one is similar to a cradle. The craft will fit inside a small cradle while it’s out of the water. A sling design is ideal if you have the craft near shallow water. Many of the lifts that you see, especially those that are of the cradle design, are adjustable in case you want to get a different craft at a later date.

Happy Boating!

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