Aug 112015
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Head Back to School with SanDisk at Best Buy for All Your Devices

Notebooks, pencils, pens, highlighters, index cards, tissues, backpack, folders, 3-ring binders (different sizes)…the back-to-school list of items to purchase seems endless. And now that we’re in the electronic era of doing things, the students need working laptops, cell phones, tablets, etc., as many assignments are found through the school’s website. And, it’s those devices that need to have enough memory to capture what the students need.

Every year my teen is asking me for another storage device. This year is no different. It’s okay though – SanDisk and Best Buy have me covered. Best Buy carries all that anyone needs for storage for any device.

Best Buy makes it easy to shop for SanDisk storage:

There’s seriously no fretting when your shopping for memory for the devices you own thanks to SanDisk and Best Buy.  Should you need storage for a professional-grade camera – SanDisk has you covered.  Need memory for a point-and-shoot camera?  SanDisk has you covered.

SanDisk SD and microSD cards deliver and meet industry-leading:

  • Security
  • Capacity
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Environmental requirements of next generation devices

Capture More Fast Action

  • 4K Ultra HD & Full HD video AND transfer speeds up to 60MB’s for action cameras, smartphones, & tablets
  • Over 10X faster than ordinary cards AND transfer speeds up to 80MB’s for DSLR cameras and camcorders

Add More Memory to Your Smartphone/Tablet

Not all phones come with enough memory – I know, I have one of those now. Fortunately, adding a microSD card resolves that issue. SanDisk microSD™ cards are geared to give your smartphone or tablet a more responsive camera function as well as smoother media playback, in addition to added memory.

SanDisk microSD™ cards range from 4GB to 200GB – giving you choices in the way you want to add fast, reliable data storage to your devices while on the go – making it easy to capture high resolution video.

There’s no worry of not being able to share your stories via mobile devices when you have the storage you need. So – go ahead and make those memories – SanDisk has you covered!

Transfers Made Easy with SanDisk UBS


  • Easy transfer between iPhone, iPad, and computers AND Frees up iPhone and iPad memory with both lightning and USB connectors

Dual USB for ANDROID devices ALLOWS FOR:

  • Easy transfer between Android™ device and computers AND Frees up space for photos, videos, music and more

It’s a time-saver to be able to do one-stop shopping at Best Buy for safe, reliable, storage for all devices. Visit Best Buy to learn what SanDisk memory card (or other storage device) is right for you.

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