Feb 272013

That’s right!  I snagged a printer for $47.83.

We all know there’s absolutely nothing I love more than getting a great deal.  Well, I just have to tell you about the latest deal I snagged!  I was able to snag  myself a $149.99 all-in-one printer/scanner/fax for less than $40 at Staples.  There were several factors as to why I ended up shopping Staples.com over another site.  These factors were – I knew I could utilize a cash back site, I knew I could hit a sale, and I knew I could get free shipping.  I was hoping to find an online coupon code but couldn’t – so I resorted to Ebay for a coupon.

I prefer not to buy coupons as such (I’m not a fan of watching auctions), but sometimes, it’s well worth it.  I snagged one for $25 off $75.  I paid roughly $8 but that in turn saved me $17 off my purchase.  When all was said and done, I only needed to dole out $47.83 out of my checkbook for a $149.99 printer…take a look at how it panned out:

Item No.: 344775 Price: $149.99/each
Expected Delivery: 02/25/2013 by UPS    1    $149.99

  • Subtotal:       $149.99
  • Delivery:       FREE
  • Coupon1:       -$60.00 (instant coupon)
  • Coupon2:       -$25.00 (Ebay coupon)
  • Coupon3:       -$10.00 (Staples Rewards – free money back as Staples Rewards on something I purchased a while ago that I needed)
  • Coupon4:       -$13.50 (Staples Rewards)
  • Tax:                   $0.00 (I live in NH – there is no tax)
  • Total:                 $41.49

Behind the scenes of the purchase:

  • Ebay cpn       +$8.00 (what I paid for the coupon)
  • Cash back site $1.66  (@4% – if they use the $89.99 figure before all my coupons)
  • Total OOP       $47.83 (out of pocket)

I also will get 48 points on my MyPoints credit card (that’s the card I used to pay for the purchase) and I will get 48 points on my debit Visa card when I pay the credit card bill.

If Staple’s website was only able to accept multiple payment methods – I could have used the $30 Staples Visa I have from an item purchased at staples.com that came with a rebate during the holidays (that was another fabulous snag).  However, their site isn’t able to accept multiple payments, so that $30 card will just have to go towards another purchase (can be done anywhere).  But had I been able to – I would have gotten the printer for less than $20 out of pocket.

I honestly can’t complain.  I was expecting to pay a lot more for a decent printer with a lot of features.  I didn’t really didn’t want an all-in-one for the mere fact that if the printer or scanner died – the unit is pretty much rendered useless since I use those features the most.  Time will tell.

Have you snagged a great deal lately?  Please share!

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