Apr 142011
Imagine having your 4-yr. old tell you about his encounter with Heaven.  He tells you about the angels that sang to him, he tells you about the sister he has that he never met as you miscarried, he tells you about his great-grandfather he never met.  This is just what 4 yr.-old Colton tells his mom and dad after having a near-death experience.It all starts out by this young child from Nebraska being sick on a road trip to Colorado with his parents.  Having seen the doctors, and having been misdiagnosed not once, but twice; this young child survives a ruptured appendix that he lived with for approximately five days before being correctly diagnosed and having surgery.  After a difficult recovery he recounts his encounter with Heaven to his parents.You can view a video of this family’s experience and read what KY3.COM wrote about this.

  2 Responses to “Heaven is for Real – I can’t wait to read the book now”

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  1. Scared of death? Investigate the “I” that thinks it is going to die.

  2. I have so seen this book and being from Nebraska myself I am more interested in reading it. I just got a 40% coupon from Borders so I will be getting it this weekend. Hope you get to read it soon!



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