Apr 152011
Jessica, The Mom  is on a mission!  She would love for everyone to partake in this mission…which is very simple to do. Please refer to her website to read all the intricates of this mission.  What a fabulous way to give back to those in need.  There are so many who rely on food pantry’s these days…many being elderly or disabled, many with children.  Many receive SNAP benefits (food stamps), but one can’t buy soaps, laundry detergents, deodorant, toilet paper, shampoos, toothpaste, dish washing soap, lotions or anything of the like, with their SNAP benefits.  I know our local food pantry has reached out to all the town’s residents, as the need for help is high, and the supply is low.Here is what I propose:
Anytime you go on a shopping trip and purchase more than 5 of the same items at greatly discounted prices, take one of those items and contribute it to your newly dedicated “donate stash”.  If you bought 10 boxes of cereal at $1 a piece, are you really going to miss one box?  How about those deodorants & body washes that you got for free with double BOGO?  Or the free toothpaste that CVS is always giving away?
I’m going to run a little contest and I hope you will participate and encourage others to participate.  Let’s see how big we can make this collaborative donation!

For each of the first 100 participants, I will personally donate one item to a separate dedicated stash (up to 100 items).  The winner of the drawing will provide me with the name and address of a food pantry, church, or other charity of their choice and I will ship the items to them on behalf of the winner.  I will also write up a complete post-article that I will send as a press-release to the winner’s local newspaper and provide to any participant to share as they see fit.

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