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Giving Assistant – Not Your Traditional Cash Back Site

For many of us, making purchases online is the way to shop.  It’s time-saving, cost-effective and means money savings – if you know what you’re doing.  Though, with the Internet being flooded with many cash back sites, it’s often hard to decide which site to shop through to get the most back on your purchase.  This is where you’ll find Giving Assistant not being your traditional cash back site – they are different on several levels.

It’s All About Giving Back

For starters, Giving Assistant makes no commission from your sales.  They give all their commission to you (not just part of it), when you shop through their site.  And, you don’t have to do anything extra on your part to get the higher cash back rate.

Cash Back

Do you see the cash back you’ll receive when shopping at Staples.com?  That’s a great cash back rate.  Plus, there are several coupon/promo codes to utilize as well, for Staples.com.  Other stores that you may frequently shop at, can be found at Giving Assistant too.

Promo/Coupon Codes

In addition, Giving Assistant also has coupon/promo codes to utilize, if there is one available for the site you’re buying from.  I didn’t find a site that didn’t have this perk.

And, of course, these all-time favorites are part of their program:

Meal Donation

And get this!  For every coupon/promo code you use found on the Giving Assistant site, Giving Assistant will donate a meal to a needy family.


Donate to Charity

Let’s take all this a step further.  Let’s say you’re someone who likes to donate to charity. Rather than having to do that all on your own, Giving Assistant can be set up so that all or part of the cash back that you’d received on a purchase – goes to your chosen charity.

Charities to choose from are bountiful…here’s a few:

  • Salvation Army
  • High Hopes
  • Make A Wish
  • Several Ministries
  • St. Jude Hospital Inc.

Submit a Coupon/Promo Code

Sharing is caring. Have a coupon you want to share to a store found on Giving Assistant?  It’s a task easily done.  Find the store on the site and look for the link that takes you to submitting the code (at the time of this writing – they’re found at the bottom on the right-hand side of the specific store’s page.

Finally, one thing going for the Giving assistant site is that for each store on their site, they (Giving Assistant) gives the low-down for the site.  For example, you’ll know what the cash back tier is (if the store is one that has cash back limits set for different departments…IE: Amazon), what the shipping policy is, what the return policy is.  And, you’ll know what their Donation Promise is for that site (if that applies).

Getting Cash Back is Easy – (Images Below)

  • Sign up or Login to Giving Assistant
  • Enter the store in the search bar that you wish to shop at
  • The store will come up and you’ll be taken to a page that gives you the lowdown on the store along with all the available coupon/promo codes
  • Find the coupon you wish to use – click on it – a pop up will appear with the code you’ll need to enter at check out
  • Click on “Shop Now” to get your cash back
  • Cash back earned is paid out once you reach $5.01 and you have 2 choices of payment – Via Check or PayPal

Visual of Shopping Through Giving Assistant

Search for the store:

Check to see if a promo/coupon code is available:

Snag the code:

Click on Cash Back Link: (found at the top right)

Store site will open – Shop Away

After your shopping trip at Giving Assistant you will be left with the feeling of accomplishing money savings, contributing to those in need, and donating to charity (if you choose).

Go ahead and sign up even if you don’t need to shop today (you’ll be prepared for when the time comes) bookmark the site – it’s free!

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