May 112013

For a very long time now, like we’re talking 32 years at the minimum, I’ve been a collector of Precious Moments. I don’t buy them like I did in my younger days, but I find myself often searching the net to see what is new in the product line. I was just doing this and came across a site that captured my attention that not only had Precious Moments but also had German Beer Steins.

Finding this site took me 25 years back in time. Back then, I had a real close friend who purchased beer steins for her husband for each anniversary, Christmas and birthday. And when I saw the selection of the steins this site had, I was in awe. I particularly fell in love with the Octoberfest German Black Beer Horn Stein. They are just so different – so unique. There’s an entire selection of Octoberfest German Beer Steins and you want to talk about beer steins with intricate details that are all handcrafted in Germany – they are stunning!

Of course, as with any collectible of great detail, intricacy, and uniqueness the price reflects the piece. For instance, I hadn’t seen the Precious Moments Disney Figurines – and the one I did come across was nearly $100 – which is okay, and I would pay that, simply because figures as such will eventually be retired and be worth a whole lot more. The same holds true with collectible beer steins.

I honestly wish I hadn’t found this site. As I was further searching the site, I came across snowmen. Well…snowmen are a weakness of mine. In fact, I display all my snowmen just before Thanksgiving and they don’t get put away until the end of February. I cannot not mention what else I found – A Fred and Pebbles Cookie Jar. The Flintstones cartoon was BIG when I was a kid. I’m telling you – this site took me back – way back. That said, what a great way to be taken back in time at so many levels. Whether it be that your looking for handcrafted German Beer Steins or Precious Moments – whatever it may be – you can find idea here too.

Author: Lilybug

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  1. I recently got back into toys from when I was a kid – they just don’t make them the same anymore, and it can get EXPENSIVE!

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