May 062013

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Back 30 years ago when I nursed my son there weren’t any products on the market to aid in the comfort of nursing my baby. I used to prop him up on a regular bed pillow and it wasn’t always an easy task to accomplish. The pillow had to be set just right and his little body needed to be set just right on the pillow. Today though – it amazes me how many cool nursing aid products are out on the market and the mombo nursing pillow has to be at the top.

The Mombo is unique in the way of its unique shape plus having a two-sided design called Firm2Soft with each side of the nursing pillow offering a different experience. The firm side gives the essential support for moms nursing their baby. The soft side has an extra coziness about it, which is an inviting place for tummy or lounging time. The Mombo gets even better than that!
The Mombo has a vibrating feature. It is the only nursing pillow with this feature and it gives the baby the ultimate soothing experience. I know that both of my children loved riding in cars or being rocked when they were small – I imagine the vibration would replicate the soothing effect they found comfort in. Never once did I worry that these soothing tactics would make my children dependent upon them – and they didn’t.
The Mombo nursing pillow comes in an assortment of pillow styles and slipcovers. There’s the Standard, Deluxe and Nude styles to choose from. Then add a slipcover found in multiple designs so that you’ll always have one to spare. The slipcovers with the silky tags are great for giving your baby some textile stimulation.
The Mombo nursing pillow would make a great baby shower gift for the soon-to-be nursing mother. Of course, if baby has already arrived – the Mombo might be just what mom and baby needs to make nursing all that more pleasurable.
The extensive selection of Mombo products are available at Toys R Us and Babies R Us. Visit Comfort & Harmony – the makers of the Mombo Nursing Pillow – on these social networks:

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  1. I am excited that this is now a free service.

    • Sara – me too except I half wonder if it is free based on the comment of a reader saying she was charged a $1 recently. Granted – I’d probably pay the $1 for the mere fact that it would save me time and the expense of running to the post office but do feel that they shouldn’t advertise it being a free service if one is going to be charged the $1.

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