Apr 202011

Free Sample of Maximum Strength Zantac 150 {click here}.  Zantac has been a friend of mine for many years now, along with Nexium and Aciphex. 

  Free Alaska Travel Guide {click here}…This is a place I would like to go…I would love to see the wildlife.

 I would really like to win a years supply of cat food…but then, I’d win it and my cats would refuse to eat it…that’s the way it goes for me.
Free Innova Cat and Dog food from Petsmart.  The first 2,000 people to enter each week will receive a coupon in the mail in June. Plus, you’ll be entered to win a Year’s Supply when you fill in the form {click here} 

Sign up for the Free CouponDealsDaily.com newsletter to get local coupons and deals {click here}

Free at-home coupon class – Learn how to get hundreds of dollars a month in  free items. {click here}

I love making casseroles…I tend to double the recipe so I don’t have to cook another night during the week…grab your free ebook and save yourself some time!
Free eCookbook – Blue Ribbon Casseroles:  23 Easy Casserole Recipes, featuring 31 pages of easy casserole recipes to comfort you all year ‘round. {click here}

New Puppy anyone???
Sign up for Purina’s Puppy Chow Healthy Start Program and receive a $2 coupon {click here)

If you aren’t a member of vocalpoint…sign up…it’s free and they will send you products to try.  You will also receive exclusive coupons from them….vocalpoint is a community where you can post feedback and ideas as well. {click here}

Did you know….plants take the toxins out of your home and release oxygen back into the air?

If you like plants, gardening and tending to your lawn…join Home Depot’s Gardening Club.  It’s free, and you will receive newsletters which will contain coupons and other pertinent info on gardening.  I have cashed in on BOGO free plants in the past…two large pothos hanging plants (there were choices available) for $10.  Pothos just happen to be  my favorite b/c they are virtually indestructible. Other coupons include grass care products, planters, etc.  {click here}

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