Feb 062011
Here they all are…all 15!  I’m in love with the color of the Valspar I picked….I can’t wait to paint my kitchen…cabinets, counter and walls :-)!

1.  Valspar paint sample kit w/paint tray and 2
2.   Valspar $5 coupon
3.   Coupon for $.99 cents off a $.99 cent bag of  Ruffle chips
4.   Sample Lacoste Touch of Pink fragrance
5.   Coffee Mate individual-sized 50 pk creamer
6.   Nedi Pot
7.   Secret sample
8.   Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner
9.   Purina One cat food
10. Can of Fancy Feast w/coupon for buy 3 get one free
11. Sample Prilosec
12. Treseme shampoo and conditioner samples

13. Two Stayfree Maxi Pads, 2 SF mini pads and 4
       tampons (missing one….feline friends must have taken one to play with 🙁 !
14. Focus Factor sample
15. Mailing of Lowe’s coupons from Vocal Point 12  coupons per booklet/6 booklets
     (1 for me, 5 to share) and coupon for $10 off $50 purchase

Not too shabby at all.  Of course, my daughter has already put dibs in for what she wants.  Whatever works… as long as it doesn’t go to waste!  I wonder what else I have signed up for?!?  I should really write down what I do sign up for…that way I could keep track of companies that follow thru, weeding out the deadbeats.  I’ve tortured the cats long enough….time to feed them the sample of Purina before they tear the package all apart and the dog gets it instead!

Have a great Sunday!  It’s going to warm up to 38* today, in NH; which means the freezing rain we got for hours tonight will melt, and hopefully some of that snow!

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