Jan 162013

Right now I am wishing I had bothered to look into electric heaters.  I really need one :(.  Why?  It’s winter.  It’s cold.  My body is warm except for my feet and ankles, which are stone cold.  The heat is up as high as it’s going to go  – I refuse to turn it up higher – my heating bill is much too expensive as it is.  I have a blanket wrapped around the lower half of my body while sitting here at my desk typing this. The blanket is intertwined with my feet and legs and they just aren’t getting warm.  This is the case 90% of the time while sitting at my desk these days and the very reason I need to look into electric heaters.

With so many electric heaters on the market I am sure I could find myself just a simple little heater that would warm my feet and legs.  I wouldn’t want anything too big because the rest of the house needs to be kept so other family members aren’t cold (rooms are rather closely located).  Although, if I got one with an adjustable thermostat I could set it at a higher temp and then lower it once I was warm.  I do know I’d definitely want one that has overheat protection and anti-tip protection (especially with having all the cats I do).

If I were smart I would spend the extra money to get one that could heat the shed safely in the winter too.  That would enable me to go out and do my crafts, word working, and wreath making during the holiday season.  I would be spared of the mess I make in my spare room.  In the long run, spending money on a heater as such, would be a savings.  I’d be saving my sanity!  I may not like my electric bill but I’m really not liking cold feet all the time.

Is it cold where you live?  Do you use electric heaters?

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