Jan 242013

I remember as a child going to my mother’s work when she had scheduled doctor appointments for me.  There, in her office, she had a desk with lots of office supplies.  I was very much intrigued, and literally infatuated, by all these gadgets.  I couldn’t wait to play with them all.

I loved being able to type on her typewriter the most.  I remember the first one being one of those old typewriters with the ribbon, hard to press keys, and black in color – you know the ancient ones!  The company she worked for finally upgraded that antique to an electric typewriter.  That new typewriter was the coolest thing in my eyes (except for when I jammed the keys!).  I began to really like having to go to appointments just so I could go to mom’s work and play on that typewriter.  I actually envisioned myself having one of my own someday.

Fast-forward a good forty years later and here I am today.  What I had envisioned as a child working in an office, having a typewriter and all the other office supplies mom had sits before me now in a much bigger capacity…I just don’t work for a company.  My ‘office’ is as you enter the front door.  I did have an electric typewriter but it never worked right, so I moved on to a word processor just as soon as they were available, and then onto a computer.  I don’t have carbon paper – I have a printer.  I have 3 filing cabinets, a good size computer desk, a stapler, desktop tape dispenser (not too sure they had those back then…I think they were rolls held in plastic casings) sticky notes (who would have ever thought?), appointment calendars, desk organization supplies, a nice office desk chair, and pens – pens up the yin yang…you name it, I have it.

I have more desk organizers than one person needs.  I have so much that I’ve decided to turn our spare room into a craft room and use office supplies to help me organize.  I’ve given organizers to my daughter for her desk in hopes that she’d become a bit more organized (wishful thinking).  Will I stop at the office supplies I’ve got?  Probably not.  To this day, I find myself still infatuated with office supplies and gadgets.  I guess you could call it a fetish.

Do you have a fetish?  I’d love to hear what it is 🙂

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  1. I too have the same obsession with office supplies. I think is must be genetic as I can clearly remember my mom having the same obsession. My sister has it too. We also share an obsession with plastic containers/organizers. I feel sorry for people who don’t share this obsession!

  2. I have the same fetish!! I looove going to an office supply store, or even the “school supply” aisle at Walgreens makes me happy!

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