Aug 272011
Okay…so InboxDollars is not a quick rich scheme by any means. But…if you are in your email anyway, what does it take to click on one of their paid emails to earn a couple cents for viewing their ads?  You can also earn from taking surveys, trying new products, playing games, shopping online (cash back shopping), and using their toolbar.

I currently have nearly $58 in my account from over the years I have been a member.  Now this could be a lot more should I take advantage of their ‘get paid to try’ offers.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the head to try something for so many days and then go back and cancel it out before the trial period ends.  However….if you do have the time and are an organized person, you could make your account balance go up real fast.

One suggestion for this is to sign up for the offer, then mark the end of the trial period date on your calender, along with the phone number you need to call.  Come that day, give them a call to stop future charges.  You’ve just earned some cash for trying out that product or service with no future obligations! As I type this I am saying to myself…why can’t you get your act together Susan?!  Do you realize this could be money in your pocket…all you need is a calender and a more organized day!

Go make some money and make it a great weekend!

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  1. What a great tip! Thank you ? ~Rachel

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