Feb 192012
Do you shop at Dollar General? If so, don’t miss out on this 50% off coupon.  The coupon is good through 2/19/2012 and is for 50% off your purchase of ALL Home Decor, Housewares, Kitchen, Bed Pillows, Sheets, and Rugs.

I wish we had a Dollar General in my area!  I could go on quite the shopping spree.  I see many items on their website that I could really use.

Like all this: 

  • I would stock up on Tri-level candles.  They’re normally $5, so 1/2 off would be $2.50.  I could get 4 for $10…that’s a STEAL!
  • There’s the Benrus Wall Clock – it has nice big numbers and I’d put it in my son’s room.  There’s also a Sharp Quartz Analog Alarm Clock – which I desperately need one of these – one I can’t hold in my hand.  I tend to hold mine in my hand and keep hitting snooze – until snooze no longer is snooze…but off!
  • My sister is coming – so I could really use a shower liner for the spare bathroom that never gets used except for storage.
  • There’s a lot more I’m sure I’d find in-store:)


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