Feb 202012

One of my dreams is to put all my photos into scrapbooks for my daughter.  Okay realistically – I don’t think I could accomplish scrapbooking 50 years worth of photos…but I can dream that I can.  I actually wish scrapbooking was something I grew up with – it would be so much easier than starting now – oh well, such is life.  I will do what I can and know that I at least gave it a shot!  That being said I am going to start with my digital pictures and I am going to let My Memories digital scrapbooking software assist me.

I’ve tried a few programs – just to play around with over the years  to create cards, invites and so on; but I found with those programs that every time I upgraded my computer to a different Windows – that software was useless. My Memories isn’t like that. They offer upgrades at a discounted price. Not only that, but if you’re looking to scrapbook a wedding there’s a software just for that – the ‘My Memories Wedding Studio.’ And, there’s also the My Memories Photobook Studio software.

The suite software is quite intensive – but not hard to use.  There are over 1500 papers and over 1000 page elements to make your creations.  That being said, I had quite the time trying to figure out which elements and papers I wanted to use because I wanted to show you several on one page.  I added to the template (on right) the following:

  • I cropped each photo
  • The scrolls 
  • The buttons 
  • The bow on pic 2
  • The bottom checkered banner
  • The text (Happy Holidays was already on the paper – I just made it smaller and moved it)
  • The colored box behind the text (1st pic)
  • I rotated the pics
  • The blue outline around the pics
  • And – I removed a bunch of snowflakes that were on the template to begin with
The shaded area around the page is to indicate to you what you would lose of the page should you have it bound into a book.  Don’t fret – you can move all the elements you see if you know that’s what you’re going to be doing.  Honestly, I spent a lot more time on creating this page but that was my doings. I found myself having to try out a ton of page elements – just because.  I’m sure you could create a page in less than 10 mins. if even that, once you learn the program.

Don’t want to use their templates?  You don’t have to.  You can create your own pages from scratch – like the one below.  I started with a white slate adding all the elements you see starting with the button in the middle.  I then added:

  • The style of paper (notice the texture)
  • The color I wanted the paper to be
  • The Word Art at the top (click the picture – you see the effect I gave it)
  • The scalloped frame which I changed to the color I wanted and size
  • The flower which I sized and rotated the way I wanted it to be displayed
  • And then I had to play around with the Word Art some more (I really like this feature!)

I then exported the page from my album in order to upload it to this review.  You can even add music and narration to your creations – which I would have done had I had a good mic.

My Memories just implemented the Design Club.  The club is extremely affordable and you get a lot for your money.  For more details on the Design Club go {HERE}.   
Follow My Memories on Facebook and Twitter to stay up on the latest news, meet some scrapbooking friends and share your pages.  In addition, My Memories can be found on YouTube.
The best part (for me anyway) is to be able to offer you this coupon code – STMMMS15607 to receive $10 off your purchase of the software and you can use the code to receive $10 off in the store.  The regular price of the Suite is $39.97, but you can get it for $29.97.  You ask – is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!  You have no idea what I have running through my mind that I can’t wait to do with this program besides scrapbooking.  I know, I know – I’ll never get the scrapbooks done for my daughter.

And should you like to try winning the software?  My Memories is giving one of my readers the chance to do so!  You can do just that below – Good Luck!

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  1. Ann Fudge Cluck

    The Journey begins

  2. I like the Candied-Peppermint Bark Pack 🙂


  3. I like the “boys will be boys” pack….

    Spring Ross

  4. Live Laugh Love looks so cute

  5. I like Puppy Love. Thanks for the giveaway.


  6. I really like the Vintage Chic.

    Thank you you for the giveaway!

  7. My favorite would be “beautiful” http://www.mymemories.com/store/display_product_page?id=WAJA-WA-1202-11612

    Thank you for this giveaway!

  8. love vintage chic!

    khrisocubillo at yahoo dot com

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