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Custom QR Codes are a great way to market your business and are simple to create using a custom QR code generator.  You ask – what is a QR code? Simply stated – it’s a Quick Response code – very similar to the barcodes you see on packaging.

These codes date back to the 90’s and are becoming increasingly popular. URLs, coupons, contacts, email, maps, YouTube Videos and other data can be hidden behind the black square blocks on a white background.  At QRT.CO though, one can customize their QR codes as I have done with this one I designed for my Twitter page:

As you can see with the second image – I’ve inserted my blog button and the tweety bird in the corners.

Although all these customizations you see below can be done – it’s recommended to not overdo the customization as it can make the QR readers difficult to read them. I found this to be the case when I created the first QR Code above. I had put my blog button in the corners, but the three top recommended QR readers I had downloaded to my iPad – couldn’t read them.  The second QR Code with my blog button in the middle – worked just fine with the same readers.

QRT.CO offers all these customizations:

  • Type of QR you’re in need of…website, Facebook, Twitter, phone, email address and more – use the URL shortener – smartphones prefer shorter URL’s to read
  • Select Template – this allows the system to configure all of the custom settings below
  • Select Block Style – many options from dots, blocks, slashes and patterns
  • Select Block Coloring – the ability to have different coloring for the blocks
  • Select Outer Corner Style – choose different styles for your outer corners
  • Select Outer Corner Coloring – choose colors for your corners
  • Select Inner Corner Style – this option will allow you to change the styles of your outer corners
  • Select Inner Corner Coloring – choose your colors for inner corners
  • Select Inner Overlay – This is really cool – have a button/logo? Add it to the QR code in the corners. Alternatively, you can use one they have suggested.
  • Select Single Block – this will put the image you use throughout the whole QR code
  • Select Background – change the color of the background. You can choose to have more than one color and they can fade into each other
  • Select Logo – Want to tell others what this QR code refers to? This is where you can place a custom logo, which will show in the middle of the QR code.
  • Select Frame / Poster Board – Create a frame or poster board that surrounds your QR code

Creating a QR code at QRT.CO was not a complicated thing to do. I was a bit intimidated at first, but quickly got over myself, as I proceeded to learn the QR code generator interface. If you don’t like an option that you’ve chosen for a customization – go back and redo it or get rid of it altogether.  I’m one who tends to change things up a LOT, so I try to be fairly generic with my design; yet make it so that others will know what the QR Code references.

The most important thing you can do if you insist on making multiple customizations is to test drive the QR code you’ve created with several different QR readers. Not all readers have the exact same capabilities; and after all, the purpose of your QR code is to help market your business/website etc., and not lose customers. If you’re doing this at QRT.CO – make sure you do this before you hit the purchase button!  The QR reader will read the QR code right off your computer screen. offers a free version – but I have to say, customizing your QR Codes is a really cool feature that allows you to be different from all the rest.  And isn’t that what branding is all about?

I received a custom product in exchange for my honest opinion through Blog Friendly PR, no compensation was received.


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