Aug 172012
Mr. Mu

Somewhere along the line, I signed up to receive Greenies’ new SmartBites to test drive on my fur babies.   I had completely forgot I had done this and when this box arrived with a Greenies’ label – I was like what?  It actually sat on my table because I was on a semi-vacation where I literally was in and out of the house – mostly out :).

The time came where I opened the box.  Look what the fur babies received:

I was thrilled that Greenies was so generous in sending the amount of packages they did. With 15 cats, I would’ve felt really bad if someone got left out of being able to try them. Thank You Greenies 🙂

I guess now is a good time as any to introduce you to Mr. Mu.  Mr. Mu is 5yo, has the personality of 10 cats, thinks he’s all that and more, and at times loves to strut his stuff with an attitude to simply intimidate the other cats.  I can always tell by the look on his face that he’s up to no good.

I started to set up all the stuff to take a picture.  He came right over to be nosey, but being nosey wasn’t good enough.  He wanted a package opened!

Being the backside of Mr. Mu – it’s not the best pic. But I had to let him try the Greenies’ so I could move on.

Getting that part out of the way – I proceeded to set up the box, insert and all the different pouches I received.  Mr. Mu decided that there was no way I could do this alone – NOT happening even after eating half the bag!  He wanted more.  I would have to say they passed his inspection a hundred fold. The ones he was eating were the ones for Healthy Fur and Skin.  I chose this package specifically for him because he has issues with his skin during certain times of the year.

I had to give him more. He was being relentless and pestering me.

Finally, Mr. Mu decided he’d had enough.  That said, Miss Fabuleau must have smelled the goodies. She came to investigate and I had to give her some.

The next thing I knew I was feeding a package to Emnem, Possum Blossum, YaNut and Mr. Snapples.  I never thought I was going to finish doing what I STARTED doing, ALONE!  Thank goodness the rest of the crew was either outdoors – or in a deep sleep somewhere!

M&M (back), Possom Blossom (siamese), YaNut (right) – this was after they had their Greenies 🙂 I think they hung around in hopes to get more:)

Mr. Mu, as you can see  just has his mind set that he’s going to be the center of attention – no matter what!

I really tried to ignore him – but if you ignore Mr. Mu, he’ll take a cuff out of you until you figure out what he wants. It doesn’t matter if he knows you or not.  If he’s sitting at the end of the kitchen counter – which is most certainly, HIS stoop – you better watch yourself as you walk by.  If he has it in his mind that he wants catnip or loves – he’ll reach out and cuff you.  We’re not talking a little swat – we’re talking a blood induced swat.


Needless to say, I just finally gave up and let him have his way…I guess that’s no big deal.  He simply wanted to make himself known.  Maybe it was his way of thanking Greenies’ for sending such awesome treats his way.

He’s the man!

I was not obligated to write a post on Greenies SmartBites but I really needed to share with the world how much my cats really liked them.  They are wholesome and we received these varieties:

  • Hairball Control
  • Digestive Care
  • Healthy Skin and Fur

They all must taste good because there wasn’t a one that wasn’t touched.  And even my pickiest eater – ate them.  I specifically saved the Digestive Care package for Miss Fabuleau.  Sometimes her tummy just isn’t up to par, so I thought it would be great to see if they made a difference in her world.  Whether they really did or not, she loved them. What I need to so is get a few more packages to have on hand for her and test drive them over a few weeks.

Thanks Greenies!  You made my fur babies happy and that makes me happy!

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  1. such lovely kitties! I’ve always like greenies line, and my cats always go crazy for treats too. one year they even managed (still baffles me) to get treats out of their Christmas stockings without knocking them off the wall. They clawed through the bag to get it open too!

    • Thank you Heather…although I AM partial – I just can’t help myself:) LOL..that makes me laugh about the kitties getting to their treats. They wouldn’t have had any help from a friend, would have they? Our pup was about 4 months old and the Easter Bunny came. All fine and good, except pup kept leaving the bed and coming back with little candy bars. After her doing this like 3 times, I was like – where are you getting the candy???? I headed to the living room and found her culprits in action! The cats were knocking the eggs down on the floor – they’d open up, and Gracie (dog) was bringing them to the bedroom. I was like…seriously???? Dogs aren’t suppose eat chocolate!

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