Jun 012011
Credit Karma  is a secure website just like signing into a bank’s website.  Your credit score will be displayed after verifying who you are which is done by answering a series of questions. There are no strings attached to this offer….I did NOT have to enter any form of payment.  {click here}
It’s actually a good thing to know what your credit score is.  If it’s really good…use it to your advantage.  For instance, when I was in search for a car a couple years ago, I knew what my credit score was.  I then went online to see what the interest rates were going for on a used car (I don’t buy new…I hate the thought of losing $2-$3 thousand dollars the moment I drive the car off the lot).  Knowing this information lead me to know what I was talking about when it came to financing at the dealership.  
The finance man tried telling me the best we could get for an interest rate would be around 8.9%.  I sat there and told him I knew we could do better. He tried to convince me that even if he could get it down to 6.9% the payment wouldn’t be all that much more than one at 4.9%.  That wasn’t the point I was trying to get across to this man.  The point was…I knew I could get a better rate and why shouldn’t I?  I knew he was getting a kick-back from the financing company he wanted to put us through…not my problem…I wanted the rate I deserved.  In the end, I got the interest rate I felt I shouldn’t have had to fight for…4.9%. 

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