Nov 082013
Ollie Ollie abscess healed with black salve

Black Salve to the Rescue of Another Cat Abscess

Yes!  I’ve healed another one of my cats who had an abscess on his cheek with Black Salve AKA Ichthammol ointment.  This ointment is one of my best friends!  I cannot tell you how much money I have saved on Vet bills using this ointment.

Meet Ollie Ollie

Ollie Ollie had a HUGE right cheek.  When I say the cheek was huge – I mean it was huge and the swelling appeared overnight.  I knew right away what the cause of the swelling was.  Ollie Ollie had an abscess.

You see, Ollie Ollie had started a fight outside with Mr. Snickers a few days prior.  I half expected that Mr. Snickers was going to show signs of the fight as he got the bad end of the deal (he lost a lot of fur in that fight).  I thought he would have scratches all over his face and neck yet; it turned out that Ollie Ollie was the victim of ill (that’s karma…Ollie Ollie should have not had a case of the butt).

Honestly, I was not 100% positive that I would be able to heal this abscess because of its location, but I knew I wanted to give it a try.  My daughter and I began to apply the black salve to the area.  Ultimately one would want to apply the salve where they are able to feel the sore/scab.  This couldn’t be done though, as one couldn’t be found…so we applied it on a good portion of his cheek several times that day.  Applying a warm compress to the area is extremely helpful at drawing out the infection – this just wasn’t going to happen this time around.  Ollie Ollie isn’t that co-operative.

Overnight the black salve had done its job.  Ollie Ollie’s cheek was oozing pus.  I cleaned up the pus and began to apply triple antibiotic ointment to the area, which I continued to do for another 5 days as often as I could.

Anyway, I watched the area for another few days in the event that it didn’t fully drain.  If abscesses don’t fully drain, and begin to heal from the outside in rather than healing from the inside out, the swelling will re-occur.

This time though, Ollie Ollie’s abscess completely healed.  He was left with no fur on that cheek (always happens when using the ointment…see pic above) but it quickly grew back.  He now has a full face of fur and is a happy soul again.  I am hoping he learned his lesson on being a bully to another cat, but I’m not going to count my chickens on that one.

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  1. Woah, you need to be careful suggesting this salve to your users. This salve is extremely powerful and I’ve seen some massive scarring and huge holes in peoples skin due to it. Users need to read up on black salve, look at photos to see if you want to try this on yourself or your pets, although I’ve never heard of anyone placing this on your pets before. Did you see the case where the woman placed black salve on the tiniest mole, she said it was the size of a pin, and the salve supposedly attaches only to “cancerous” moles..her nose was completely destroyed and has to get plastic surgery to create a nose. Powerful stuff.

    • Hi Ellie. I think with any product one needs to use common sense and good judgement. I’ve been using this stuff for many years now on myself, my kids, and my cats without any issues. I imagine it is relatively close in comparison to Boil-eze when using it on boils. That woman you speak of – I didn’t see that but wonder if she was using anything else in conjunction with the black salve. Since the writing of this post – I’ve healed 3 more abscesses on two of my cats without any issues at all. People have been using the product on animals for many years now as well as humans. As I said in another post, I would have to do a LOT of research before using it on skin cancer.

    • Black drawing salve, sometimes called ichthammol, is not Black Salve that is used for skin cancer. Drawing salves are good for boils, abscesses, etc. but do not contain the bloodroot.

      I myself have removed six cancers, including two melanomas with black bloodroot salve. I test it on normal skin and it does nothing.

      But if you treat a large cancer, it will leave a large cavity. Internal bloodroot is also effective. Maybe check out some actual testimonials?

  2. These results are amazing. Although we’ve never had those problems, I’m going to bookmark this page for reference if needed. Thanks.

  3. Has anyone ever used the black salve with bloodroot as treatment for skin cancer on the nose of cats?

    • That I couldn’t answer myself, Tiare. I know that I would have to do extensive research on on using it on myself before I would even attempt doing so.

  4. my cat has been diagnosed with a tumor squamecill (?) carcinoma, it started in his ear and they say after a CT scan that there are nodules that have spread into the bone by his brain, his lungs, and that it is aggressive. Is there anything I can do? They have pretty much told me to wait until he exhibits pain, and then to euthanize him. This cat is more like my child than a feline. He is very affectionate and funny…he keeps life amazing for my husband and me. I will do anything to save him. Suggestions?

    • First of all, I’m so sorry to learn about your baby’s diagnosis. Secondly, I’m sorry I’m just seeing this comment. I have no suggestions for you…I so wished I did. Perhaps you could try the Colloidal Silver for Pets Facebook Group. Perhaps someone there could offer you suggestions? My best to you during this difficult time.

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