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Calculating How Many Appetizers Needed for a Dinner or Cocktail Party

Having a party and not sure what you’ll need for appetizers to feed all the party-goers?  This post should help you out with that…read on.

The general rule of thumb is to plan on 12 appetizers (being eaten) per person for a cocktail party and six appetizers per person for a dinner party.   For dinner parties with less than ten guests, three appetizers per person will suffice, but I always plan on more than that depending on the time between serving appetizers until dinner being served.

There is a general formula, which caterers go by.

For a cocktail party:

  • 12 pieces per person
  • Multiplied by (x)
  • number of people
  • Divided by (÷)
  • number of different appetizers

Halve the amount of appetizers when dinner is being served.

Plan on six different appetizers for a guest list with less than 45 guests. For guests list with more than 45 guests, plan on eight different appetizers.  It’s wise to have hot and cold appetizers so that when the hot appetizers are being cooked – guests will have other appetizers to munch on.

One of my most favorite appetizers to serve are Cheese Crab Meat English Muffins

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  1. Thanks for these tips…I never knew how many to make and now I do.

  2. This is so useful because I never know how much to prepare for Appetizers. Thanks a bunch!

  3. That makes it a lot easier! I always have a hard time trying to figure that out. I am usually the one that brings the snack for our holiday family gatherings. I always have to many or not enough, usually just to many!

  4. I would have never thought there would have been a math equation to figure that out! This is very helpful, thank you!

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