Dec 172013
carmex moisture plus limited edition

Carmex Limited Edition Moister Plus Collection – Fashionable Sticks to Fit Your Personality

This Holiday Season include one of the Carmex New Limited Edition Moisture Plus Collection Sticks in your bestie’s Christmas stocking.  These Limited Edition sticks are for those who desire the protection Carmex has to offer and the shine of a lip gloss.

See how graphically designed these sticks are?  This is because each design was designed to match the personality trait that inspired the design.  There’s one to represent those who are considered to have a whimsical personality – the multicolored stick.  Those who are Chic – the black and white stick is for you.  The leopard print represents the personality of those who are adventurous.  Lastly, those who have a fab personality – the purple/pink stick is for you!

What Personality Style are You? (Remember your results –

If you’re looking to figure out what Personality Style you are – head on over to and take the personality quiz.  I took the quiz – my results came back saying that I have a Chic Personality:

What can you expect in these trendier lip balm sticks?

You can expect:

Moisturizing lip balms with a sleek dash of style, from our satiny clear gloss to just-right sheer colors that also add Vitamin E, shea butter, and sun protection.

My Findings:

I’ve been using the lip balms on and off for a couple weeks now.  I don’t normally have a lot of issues with my lips drying out or cracking – but for whatever reason, last week they were sore.   I took the Chic stick (represents my personality -ah not too sure on that one but that stick happened to be sitting in front of me) and applied it to my lips.  I did this for a couple of days and each time I applied the lip balm my lips felt relief.  The balm wasn’t heavy on my lips which is a huge plus as I don’t like anything heavy feeling on my skin.  After two days of use – my lips were all better 🙂  Ironically, as I was writing this review, my lips felt crappy again.  So I’ve started to apply the lip balm again and am feeling certain that they will feel better real soon.

When searching for the Carmex Limited Edition Moisture Plus Collection at your local retailer – look for this packaging:

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  1. i love my carmex its really great for this type of season

  2. How fun! I love Carmex products. Thank you for sharing.

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