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Chinese Food – just love it!  Fortune Cookies – look forward to them at the end of my meal.  I love reading the fortune inside.  I love the cookie.  That’s why when I was approached by to review their product, I jumped at the chance.  Take a look at these beauties:

What’s so very cool about their product is that the fortune cookies come lined with fortunes inside that come in different colors, different flavors, and different themes.

About the themed cookies:

The themed cookies contain messages inside that depict the event. And there are five different themes to choose from:

  • Birthday – birthday related fortunes
  • Traditional – the kind you’d find in a restaurant
  • Misfortune – random funny and usual sayings – great for a party or on the dining room table
  • Baby Shower – baby related – great for announcing the new addition to the family or letting them know intricate details of the baby (male/female) or using as birth announcements – how fun!
  • Wedding – these contain messages of love and marriage

A couple of ideas on how to use the themed cookies are to  throw them in a bowl on the table.  What fun it would be to watch people pick out which cookie it will be that contains their lucky fortune .   Or you could pin them to a topiary craft tree for people to take off the tree.  You could also string them with a paper punch and ribbon in a way that people could cut one off the ribbon and hang them by the door as they leave your home.  How about tying ribbons to them and hanging them from the Christmas Tree?

Flavored Fortune Cookies

Then they offer colored flavored fortune cookies.  These come in six different colors and six different flavors in addition to the traditional vanilla flavored cookies.

You’ll find:

  • Blue = raspberry flavored
  • Red = strawberry flavored
  • Brown = chocolate flavored
  • Green = lime flavored
  • Yellow = coconut flavored
  • Orange = orange flavored

Colored Fortune Cookies:

That said, if you don’t want flavored fortune cookies but would like to purchase colored ones – you can do that too.  You’ll be able to choose from the colors listed above…orange, yellow, green, brown, blue and red.

Customize the Fortune Cookie’s Fortunes

You can create custom fortune cookies too.  That’s right –  personalized messages encompassed in  fortune cookies.  This rather excites me as I can see so many uses for these.  For instance, wouldn’t they be a great gift topper?  A few examples that come to mind:

  • Use them as gift toppers:  Use a paper punch to punch a hole in the crimped part of the wrapper.  Then add a ribbon through the hole and put on gift – For Christmas you could use a message like, “Hoping Santa is Good to You,” or ” from the Fortune Santa,” or how about “Secret Santa”… whatever comes to your mind…get creative.
  • Embellish envelopes:  Maybe you hand deliver your Christmas or New Year’s cards?
  • Christmas Ornaments – hang them using ribbon, on the tree’s limbs
  • You could even use them in an Easter Egg Hunt – customize the fortunes with Easter sayings
  • String them for a New Year’s Eve party – everyone can choose their fortune for the upcoming year
  • Use blue and red colored cookies for a July 4th party – you could throw in some of the original colored cookies too
  • Instead of handing out candy for Halloween – hand out fortune cookies

What were my thoughts on these fortune cookies?

They were fresh and crisp when they arrived.  They were all gone in less than a couple of weeks – they were yummy!  The flavoring in the flavored fortune cookies was a delicate flavoring – not overpowering.  My daughter was thrilled to pieces that the blue-raspberry cookies turned her tongue blue.  The cookies aren’t a thin cookie.  They are thick enough so that they don’t break into a zillion pieces when you bite into them. They are your standard size fortune cookie that you would find at a Chinese Restaurant.  And they come individually wrapped.

What would you say if I told you that you could try Fortune Cookie Creations for yourself?   Guess what?  You will have that chance.  They have offered up 100 one-color or flavor fortune cookies or 250 of the regular color/flavor fortune cookies.


Giveaway runs from 12/17/2013 @ 5:00 AM – 12/30/2013 @ 12:00 AM.  Winner will win their choice of  100 one-color or flavor fortune cookies or 250 of the regular color/flavor fortune cookies.
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  1. They’re so cute….delicious!!!!

  2. Great idea

  3. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  4. these are a great idea but i thought they were fake at first

  5. These are fun, thank you for sharing.

  6. Great color! Love chinese food!

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