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I don’t know about you, but I can tell you I have a countless number of CD’s that one would normally through in the trash…but I refuse.  These include CD’s from advertisements that come in the mail…you know…the ones you could care less about, or scratched CD’s beyond repair, or just outdated PC programs.  I save them all and have done so for years!  I knew someday that I would come across a way to recycle them in a fashion that I like.  Well…today was the day for one idea that came my way. 

Okay…I know you’re saying…we just got over Christmas why would I want to do a Christmas craft now!  I say…think out of the box!  You can create more than a Christmas ornament.  How about…just an every day way to display your favorite pictures and hang them from the locks on your windows, or a holiday you celebrate like Easter, or maybe a wedding or graduation?  

This project is so versatile.  You could hot glue several to a pretty ribbon and hang from the wall.  Take it a step further, and add bows in between the CD’s hung from the ribbon with some dried flowers.  Another thought…how about a timeline of birthdays of your children…just leave extra ribbon to attach more CD’s as the birthdays come each year.  The ideas in my mind run endless.  

Challenge yourself to see what you can come up with.  If you do a recycled CD project before I get to mine, please come back to share it.  I will post your project!  

Create a personalized ornament from a recycled CD. 

  • Fiskars “Pine for You” Squeeze Punch (01-03771)
  • Fiskars “Sugar & Spice” Squeeze Punch (01-003773)
  • Fiskars Circle Cutter (93807097 )
  • Fiskars Adhesive Foam Set (12-2487 )
  • Fiskars 12-inch Rotary Portable Trimmer (12-9908 7097)
  • Li’l Davis Designs Tis the Season papers
  • Heidi Grace Designs Reagan’s Closet Clear Stamp (believe)
  • Cloud 9 Design Autumn Fun epoxy stickers
  • Recycled CD
  • ribbon
  • green stamp ink
  • cardstock in white and green
  1. Use a recycled CD as the ornament base.Cut one circle using the green cardstock to cover one side of the CD. Adhere.
  2. Attach the photo to the right side of the circle. Trim off excess to maintain the circle shape.
  3. Stamp the word “believe” in a row with green ink on white cardstock. Trim a strip & adhere above the photo.
  4. Add a small strip of striped patterned paper above the word strip. Always trim any excess papers to keep the circle shape of the ornament.
  5. Place a narrow strip of red patterned paper to the left of the photo.
  6. Punch about six gingerbread man shapes using light brown cardstock. Arrange and adhere them to the green part of the ornament, to create a repeating pattern. Again, trim off excess. Add tiny epoxy circles to the gingerbread men.
  7. Punch one tree using green cardstock. Adhere in place using a foam adhesive. Add tiny epoxy circles.
Happy recycling!

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  1. OH that's such a good idea! I have a ton of old CDs that I'm always wondering what to do with.

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