Mar 022011
You join, you sign up for the parties you want, you wait to hear if you’re a chosen participant, you get the email saying you are and get all too excited, time passes…the excitement diminishes until…the day the party package arrives!

Today was that day.  I received an email the package had been shipped and would be delivered on the first by Fed Ex.  Do I ever count on delivery times…never…I have been disappointed all too many times.  But here it is on time, and it wasn’t me who couldn’t wait to open the box…it was my daughter!

She began pulling out all the items, first the very nice Teflon coated skillet…impressive at that..a really nice weighted pan.  Then came note pads, an oven mitt, recipe cards, coupons, wooden spoons, and magnets.  I am told I can only invite 15 guests as my daughter wants one of everything, including having ownership of the skillet.  I said to her, what are talking about…I think not!  You can have one of everything that I don’t need for your Hope Chest (lol..she’s only 13), but I am keeping the frying pan.  I then tell her we can invite more than 15 guests if they come as couples…all is good…not to worry 🙂

Next thing I know…she’s bringing over the recipe book telling me I need to go to the store so I can make this chicken dish for dinner tonight. Not happening!  So here come the party plans, and the excitement, until the party date arrives.  Then we feast.  I wonder who’s actually hosting the party….me or my daughter?  Maybe I’ll leave it up to her…NOT!  I wouldn’t have a kitchen left!

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