Jan 242016

What’s Your Fashion Style?

Take The Bella Ella Fashion Quiz to Find Out

This was my result:

Have you ever wondered what your style is?  Bella Ella Boutique has devised a Regional Fashion Quiz. When I took the quiz – the end result said mine was “Midwestern Grace.” I can’t quite say that is the true meaning of my style though.

Seriously, I don’t wear A-line skirts like that.  I never wear a scarf.  I may wear the short jacket, and shirt with pants in picture one – but the other shirt – oh NO.  I also don’t so straight hair.  The colors you would see me most in are the blue and blacks.  Those brighter colors – those aren’t for dress – those are for shorts or summer shirts.

That said, have you ever noticed that all the different styles of fashion aren’t worn everywhere across the U.S?  It’s actually endearing to see all the different styles from one US region to another.  Then there are regions where one can cross the border of one state to find that they style they wear are not on the plate of the styles worn in the border state within the same region.

If one heads up towards Boston – their clothing style is so different from Maine or New York.  Many places you’ll find women wearing more heels than clogs.  Sandals styles vary from one coast to the other.  High heeled boots are worn a lot in areas of New York and in other places, one will find that flat boots are the in-style.

Personally, all I care about is being comfortable.  I would never make a model.  I could care less about being all gussied up with jewelry, make-up, fashion jeans or anything of the like.  In the work force, my style is conservative and it would be something of comfort.

Though I like leggings (they are comfortable), I don’t think that leggings are appropriate for every day attire if one can’t control themselves to wear them stylishly with a long sweater or shirt.  And they certainly aren’t meant for most jobs.

What is your style?  Go take the Bella Ella Fashion Quiz – I would love to know if your results reflect how you feel about your fashion style.  Please come back and share.

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