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I ask people time and time again – “when you shop online, are you utilizing a cash back site?”  Some people I speak with do; others say no.  I ask why not?  Some say it seems like too much work – others say, “I don’t know” and others that say, “it’s confusing.” And all I have to say is –  I need to teach you! It’s not a hard concept at all.  In fact, it’s so simple that you’ll wish you had joined years ago.

So now I am asking you – do you utilize cash back shopping sites?  If not – what is stopping you from using ebates or any of the several other cash back sites?  Seriously – it’s just one extra step of your online shopping purchase and it will save you money.  Money that you get back when you reach payout for which doesn’t take that long to do.

Let’s focus on the cash back site  As you can see below – since becoming a member I’ve received $618.13 in cash back from shopping through ebates.

Here’s the thing – that $618, even though it took 15 yrs to hit that cash back figure – it is $618 in my pocket that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.  But, what one must also remember that I also utilize several other cash back sites which makes the total cash back over the years – a lot higher than that.  Why do I utilize more than one site?   Well, there are times when other sites offer a higher cash back at the store that I am looking to purchase items at.  That said, ebates does a daily double cash back store every. single. day.  There are times they offer double cash back at several different stores.  I don’t put my eggs in one basket because I want to get the most out of my money spent.  Go {here} to see my favorite cash back shopping sites.

So what are the steps in using a site like ebates?

  1. First you need to sign up on the site
  2. Next, search for the store you’re looking to shop at (using the ‘search’ feature is wonderful!)
  3. Click on the link to that store – you’ll see a popup saying that you’re going to be earning cash back for your purchase – seeing that popup means that your click has been tracked
  4. Complete your shopping and check out
  5. There’s nothing more for you to do.  Under your “account” on the ebates site – look for the heading “Shopping Trips”.  Click on that and you will see what stores have been tracked that you’ve “clicked thru”.  If you’ve got an issue – email ebates.

Refer Friends and Earn Money

Right now (as of this posting 9/24/18)if you refer friends and they make a minimum purchase of $25 – you’ll receive $25 in your ebates account and your friend will earn $10.  This offer isn’t always available.  Most of the time you’ll receive a $10 referral per friend.

Need more explanation?  Click (here) and also learn more tips and tricks to make your shopping experience even more of a savings.  Happy shopping.  Happy savings!

**If you should sign up for any of the cash back sites, an FCS team member may receive a referral bonus.

  34 Responses to “What is Stopping You From Using Ebates?”

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  1. to be honest im afraid ill like it too much and spend too much money

  2. I think I tried it when they told me they would give you ten dollars for signing up and I never got my money, That was it.

  3. I love ebates! If you aren’t using it, you should start now!

  4. It’s hard to believe sometimes that you can get something for nothing, but the cash back deals really are for real….and I’m not turning down free money.

  5. I don’t use coupons because they are a hassle to cut, store and remember to take to the store…but online rebates are so easy, that I will do.

  6. Wouldn’t it be great if they had something like this for everything you have to pay for? bills, insurance, mortgages, etc….

  7. It couldn’t be any easier to use, a good reason why anybody that shops online should consider it.

  8. I’ve tried using rebates but I always forget about it yet I spend so much time trying to save money. I have to laugh but it’s really not funny. Looks like ur doig awesome

  9. Oh NO! I havent benefited yet from ebates bc I seem to forget but I wish I would have seen it while the promo was going on. That would of been a great reminder right? I’m thankful u posted it bc I know you will post more info as other promos arise

  10. It might have taken you a long time to get to that dollar mark, but money is money. You could put that $618 in a CD or a retirement fund and have a nice tidy sum when you need it, so it ends up being much more…and all free..

  11. I use Saving Star.

  12. I dont do as much online shopping as people think. I also dont use a debit or credit card.

  13. I forwarded this info to my daughter who LOVES to shop. Shes never been about saving money but she agreed this wiyod probably really help her a lot. Ty for the info

  14. EBates is a good deal and has been in business for awhile, so….yeah, if you shop on line, it’s a no-brainer…

  15. I do not know what is stopping me from using Ebates, I have heard so many good things about the amazing savings! I will check it out and sign up now.

  16. I love their cash back

  17. i think im afraid ill spend too much just to get some back

  18. Thanks for the info. I really need to sign up.

  19. Lack of a smart phone is stopping me.

  20. Ebates is seriously AWESOME! There are so many sites I’d be buying from anyway, that it’s a real no-brainer.

  21. Thank you so much for the tips and pointers on seeing what is stopping me from using Ebates, and the added benefit.

  22. I like ebates. Sometimes it can be a pain remembering to use it but overall what’s not to like?

  23. The cash back sounds like a great incentive.

  24. I love using Ebates. it encourage me to buy more and more online.

  25. I love ebates. It is a great way to get back from shopping at your favorite stores. It really does add up quickly.

  26. I like Ebates, got a small check. I forget to use often.

  27. I am really kicking myself for not using it this shopping season. I’ve been a member for awhile & maybe used it twice. I didn’t even go through Swagbucks and I spent $300 on Amazon alone this week. 🙁

  28. Ebates is fantastic! Such a great program that totally gives back.

  29. I rarely shop online or else I would use it.

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