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Vicks Cold & Flu

What do you reach for when you have a cold or the flu?  We reach for Vicks DayQuil and Vicks NyQuil.

The cold and flu viruses hold no bars.  One can find themselves sick with one, the other, or both, any time of the year.  I know as a mom – I have no time for being sick.  I try my hardest to keep germs at bay by staying away from those who are sick and washing my hands often.  Regardless, there are times when those pesky germs get the best of me.

When I had a cold, as a child, my grandma and my mom would plaster the Vicks Vapor Rub all over my chest and under my nose.  Back 50 years ago there weren’t a lot of options available to make one comfortable.  Today though, there are other choices – choices that are more effective.  Choices from the same brand I grew to trust as a child – Vicks.  And, I happen to be very thankful for the choices Vicks has today, because there has been many a nights when I’ve reached for Vicks NyQuil.

I find it comforting to know that the Vicks brand is #1 pharmacist recommended brand for adults with a cough, cold, or flu.  DayQuil and NyQuil help ease five symptoms – aches, fever, sore throat, stuffy head and cough – that’s a lot of relief in one product.  Equally important to me is that there are two formulas.  There’s a non-drowsy formula – Vicks DayQuil and then there’s one for nighttime relief – NyQuil.  Both come in a LiquiCap form or a liquid form.  That said, you will only find one flavor of Vicks DayQuil – Citrus Blend.  Vicks NyQuil, on the other hand, comes in three flavors: Soothing Original, Soothing Cherry Flavor and Vanilla Cherry Swirl.

Personally, I could care less about the flavor of any product that will help me get the relief I am in need of (within reason), but it surely is nice to know that there are options.  But, I do care about having to stay awake without feeling drowsy when the rest of the family needs me.  That’s when I use Vicks DayQuil.  I also care that I will be able to sleep comfortably and Vicks NyQuil always comes to the rescue.  There’s nothing worse than having a rotten nights sleep and then have to function the next day.  It’s even worse when you don’t feel good.

The only difference between the day and night formula is the active ingredients.  Take a look:

Vicks DayQuil Cold & Flu Relief

  • Acetaminophen for pain relief and fever reduction
  • Dextromethorphan HBr to suppress a cough
  • Phenylephrine HCl for nasal congestion

Vicks NyQuil Cold & Flu Relief are:

  • Acetaminophen for aches and fever,
  • Dextromethorphan HBr for cough suppression,
  • Doxylamine Succinate for sneezing and a runny nose

Did you notice that the only difference is the ingredient that aids in nasal breathing?  Both products are safe and effective at relieving symptoms when used according to package directions; however, as with any type of medication, it’s important that you are informed, so be sure to review the Drug Facts section on the package.  I can’t stress this enough.

Here’s a perfect example why one needs to read the labels on over-the-counter (OTC) medicines:

A few years ago, my father-in-law had prostate issues.  He didn’t know he shouldn’t be using a product like NyQuil – because he didn’t read the label.  Needless to say, he ended up having to catheterize himself until the doctor was able to do surgery to see if they could find him relief by opening up the urethra.  Fortunately – relief was found – but not before having to pay the price of having to catheterize himself for many weeks.

Equally important – before giving this or any OTC medication to a child – be sure to read the label to establish if the child is able to ingest the product, and if they can, what the dosage is for the child’s age.  Not many OTC adult formula medications can be given to children under 12.

You’ll never find our medicine chest without Vicks Cold & Flu products – just won’t happen.  It’s imperative we have the relief we need on hand when illness strikes.  Vicks DayQuil and Vicks NyQuil are available nationwide wherever Vicks products are sold.

Visit for more information about Vicks DayQuil and NyQuil Cold & Flu Relief.

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  1. We love DayQuil and NyQuil products!

  2. We have used both NyQuil & DayQuil for a long time..I don’t get sick too often(Thank God0 but my Husband gets sick alot..Being a Diabetic his immune system isn’t too great..But Nyquil seems to knock it out of him the best..He also can get a good nights sleep.. Great Products..

  3. Our first go to is Vicks. Our favorite is Vicks Vapor Rub on our feet (covered with socks) when we go to bed. Makes a world of difference for the next morning.

  4. This is a good product.

  5. Dayquil is such a lifesaver during flu season! And thanks for the reminder to always check the labels.

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