May 262012

Up until recently I had no idea there was a vehicle on the market called a UTV.  I’d heard of ATV’s, but not UTV’s.  I discovered these cool little buggies when a friend asked me to do some research on what I could find for Polaris rzr accessories online.  

I was extremely confused at first, trying to understand the difference between the two, but once I learned the capabilities of UTV vehicles, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings any too much if I were to own one.  I like the fact that they are designed for more than one person, are designed with extra safety features, and can haul gear.  

I could see myself using one of these in the summer to go fishing – especially when I fish down at the sandpits where there are trails I refuse to walk because of the terrain.  In the winter, I would love to add a plow to one and my driveway would be plowed in no time at all.  There are cab covers that fit the UTV’s which would be nice in the winter months.  I could actually even make some money plowing other people’s driveways in my development.  I couldn’t do any of this easily, if at all with an ATV, which is what my 14-yr. old wants.

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