Oct 212012
Unreal Candy


UNREAL candy is on a mission to ‘unjunk’ the world starting with their candy and they would like the rest of us to follow beginning this Halloween!  They want people to know that candy can still taste great without all the ‘junk’ that goes into the traditional candy.

 I hosted an UNREAL Candy Unjunked party to help spread the mission and it was a huge hit!

We all had the chance to try:

  • UNREAL54 – candy coated chocolates with peanuts
  • UNREAL51 – candy coated chocolates
  • UNREAL77 – peanut butter cups
  • UNREAL8 – chocolate caramel peanut nougat bars
  • UNREAL5 – chocolate caramel nougat bars

There wasn’t a person at my party that had heard of UNREAL candy.  They had no idea of the concept behind it until I enlightened them on the difference between UNREAL candy opposed to the traditional candy they are used to buying.

Do you know the difference?  Let me enlighten you!  UNREAL candy is made with all natural ingredients.  It contains no high fructose corn syrup, no GMO’s, no hydrogenated oils, and no synthetic colors!  Instead, UNREAL candy is made with double cacao, more peanuts, cane sugar, real milk, and organic palm fruit oil.  What’s just as great about the candy is that the candy has 60% more fiber, 30% less sugar and 250% more protein on average per serving over other leading brands.

I bet you are saying – this woman is nuts – there is no candy that is all natural that tastes good.  I am here to tell you – it DOES taste good!  In fact, all the guests (kids and adults) at my party really enjoyed all the candy with the exception of one tween (we won’t count her opinion though.  She’s one of the most pickiest kids I’ve met in my entire life; not to mention the fact that if you tell her something is healthy(ier) she wants no part of it – period!).  The adults especially liked the fact that the candy doesn’t contain high fructose corn syrup (if you don’t know much about HFCS – you really need to read up on it – it’s very bad for our bodies).  One mother liked the fact of how there were no synthetic colors as her child has a sensitivity to colorings.

If you haven’t had the chance to try UNREAL candy – then you need to head to Walgreens, CVS, BJ’s, Staples, Fred Meyers, Ralphs, Rite Aid, or Kroger. In addition to those stores, you can find UNREAL candy  at many other national retailers, and you’ll find it priced just as you would any other candy (candy manufacturers say the ‘junk’ is what makes the candy affordable.  Obviously, that isn’t true or UNREAL wouldn’t be able to price their ‘unjunked’ candies the same).

Moms, Dads, Grandparents – everyone – won’t you join the mission and get UNJUNKED?

Go to: GETUNREAL.COM to find out more.  You can find UNREAL on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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