Jul 272016

TraffickCam – Your Hotel Photos Can Help Locate Perpetrators of Sex Trafficking


It feels good to be able to make a difference.  You can help make a difference – a difference in a child’s life – with a simple, free, application installed on your phone, tablet, or PC (no app needed), called TraffickCam.

TraffickCam’s Mission:

TraffickCam was created in 2015 by the Exchange Initiative. Their mission is to combat commercial sexual exploitation of children in the United States.

You Ask:

What is required of you that can help this cause? 

  • Install the free app on your device, or on a laptop – upload directly on their site.
  • Allow the app/site to have access of your physical location.
  • Enter the name of the hotel and your room number
  • Snap up to four (4) photos of the hotel room you’re staying at and then upload them to their platform.

Once photos are submitted, they are made available in a database for law enforcement.  Law enforcement can search the photos against photos they’ve received/found online of where sex trafficking has taken place to locate the perpetrators.

What exactly am I taking photos of?  These angles are recommended:

  • Two (2) pictures of the entire room from different locations
  • One (1) picture of the bed from the foot of the bed
  • One (1) picture of the bathroom from the doorway

Where do I go to get the app:

If you’re using a laptop/PC there’s no app needed.  Simply go to TraffickCam.org

For iPhone and iPad at the App Store

For Android devices at Google Play

Will you be helping to fight against sexual predators by taking advantage of the free TraffickCam app when you’re traveling?

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