May 102018

The Newest Cricut is on SALE – The Cricut Maker

This is simply – so exciting.  The Cricut Maker arrived last August and now you can purchase it on sale!  You’ll get this fabulous machine $20 off with free shipping.

If you are wondering what the difference this machine offers compared to the other Cricuts (see the difference in the older Cricuts here – opens a new tab) – let me tell you it cuts more mediums and if you’re a person who loves to create with fabrics – the Cricut Maker allows you to do so without having to use a stabilizer.  If I were looking to buy a new Cricut machine – THIS would be the one that I would buy.  One certainly gets more bang for their money.

If you’re wondering what you can make with the Cricut – check out this post.  There’s SO much you can do with the Cricut Makers.

Here are the current deals:

Cricut Maker on sale for the first time ever!! ($379.99). Valid 5/9-5/15.

30% off printable materials. Valid 5/9-5/15.

Keep up with iron-on fashion and checkout our newly launched items. 

Free economy shipping (US & Canada) on orders of $99+ using code: MAYSHIP

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