Jan 042013
Sliced Dry Ice

Discovered back in the 1800’s, dry ice has come to serve an important role in the way it is used today. Have you ever given thought to what an important role dry ice plays in your life? With the creation of dry ice equipment, dry ice serves as a multi-purpose, cost effective product that is used every day for various reasons.

Dry ice plays an important role in transporting foods via refrigerated trucks. It is used to freeze warts for removal, produces theatrical special effects such as fog, can flash freeze foods or biological samples, make ice cream, carbonate liquids and can be used for home emergency refrigeration, and hunting and camping trips to preserve foods and game.

Then there is the use of dry ice for dry ice blasting. Dry ice blasting is similar to traditional methods of blasting like sand blasting. The difference is that dry ice blasting leaves no mess to clean up. It literally vaporizes once it hits the the surface that is being cleaned. Dry ice blasting is effective for removing grease, oil, coal dust, adhesives, soot, food processing equipment and more. One can even loosen asphalt tiles with the use of dry ice. It’s a cost-effective way to operate many businesses.

Dry ice doesn’t come without any safety concerns though. It’s very cold (-110*F) which is more than cold enough to cause frostbite. One should wear gloves and clothing to protect the skin while handling dry ice. Since dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide, one should never breath in the gasses it releases. These gasses can lead to suffocation. One should handle dry ice where adequate ventilation is present. Dry ice should not be stored in a tight container due to the pressure that develops inside the container, which in turn can burst the container.

Dry ice is a pretty cool discovery and combined with the dry ice equipment that is available (Wanna see more?) – it plays a very important role in the life of people today.

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