Jun 042012

Many manufacturers today are battling over as to who can build the greatest looking and most
functional phones in the market. Together with the publicity that comes with the new release of
products, the consumer are drawn to the hype and buys the best reviewed phones regardless of their functionality needs. But despite this trend, there are still many who recognize that all that really matters are the phone’s most basic features which are calling and texting. Given this, such people would go for the cheapest phones that are immediately available. Yes, there are many free smart phones, but these are bundled and forces the user to cough out serious rates and will be forced to spend more money in the long run. Thus, we are looking for non-contract phones in this matter. Without further ado, here are the cheapest phones in the market:

Samsung T245G
This phone is a new basic model from Samsung. This flip phone has all of the basic functionalities that you can want. And aside from this, the phone also features Bluetooth connectivity, VGA camera, Mobile Web connectivity, and MMS connectivity. I know that we have agreed to feature basic phones, but this seems to be as basic as it can get nowadays. And despite of the added functionalities, this phone is amazingly available for only $15.

LG 430G
This phone is the LG variant of the previously featured Samsung T45G. This phone has great similarities with the said phone including its flip form. The LG 430G shares the same Bluetooth connectivity, VGA camera, Mobile Web connectivity, and MMS connectivity with the Samsung variant and all that you would decide on is the style. Personally, I prefer this one due to its slick black design and better looking external screen. Fortunately, it also shares the same $15 tag with the T245G.

Samsung T301G
This phone boasts a slightly bigger and better screen than the previous two. And in terms of design, this phone also beats both. This phone is a slider phone, with bigger and more vibrant screen. When it comes to technical specifications, the T301G shares the same functionality: Bluetooth connectivity, VGA camera, Mobile Web connectivity, and MMS connectivity. You are paying $5 for its stylish appearance, however, as this phone can be sold for a slightly higher price of $20.

LG 500G
We already have flip and slide phones in our repertoire. Do you know what’s missing? Yes, a candybar QWERTY keyboard based phone. And we have the phone just for this; the LG 500G. And aside from the QWERTY keyboard, it also features all of the features that the previous phones had. Add a capability to run applications on this phone and you really have one amazing phone (considering its price of course). And the best thing about this phone is that it shares the price of the Samsung T301G that is available for only $20. If you are looking one of the best cheap cell phones for sale, this is pretty much as good as it gets.

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