Feb 042012
Swagbucks Valentine’s Day Bucks 
Not familiar with Swagbucks (read more below)?  It’s FREE to join and you’ll be joining just in time for their Valentine’s Day Special:
“Swagbucks is releasing a new set of Collector’s Bills just in time for Valentine’s Day – 5 romantic reminders worth different amounts of reward points. Collect them all and get 14 Bonus Swag Bucks to use towards your free stuff! The bills come out at midnight PT on Monday and will be available only through Search until 11:59pm PT on Valentine’s Day. Good luck!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Swagbucks – Swagbucks is a site similar to MyPoints with the exception that you have the opportunity to earn Swag Bucks with each search you do.  Once you build up enough Swag Bucks you can redeem them for gift cards, Paypal cash, or many other prizes.  The most popular gift card redemptions are for the $5 Amazon Gift Card or the $10 Starbucks Gift Card – so I’ve heard.  
Completing searches isn’t the only way to earn Swag Bucks. Other ways to earn are:
Plus there are these ways to earn:
  • Install the Swagbucks Toolbar and you’ll receive One Swag Buck when you open up your browser (once per day)
  • Use Swagbucks for all of your searches – You never know when Swag Bucks will appear
  • Friday is Mega Swag Bucks Day – You can score bigger Swag Bucks when completing searches
  • Read the Swagbucks Blog – randomly, codes are posted (each code is worth so many Swag Bucks…they are a perk the site offers)
  • Read the Swagbucks on Twitter –  randomly, codes are posted 
  • Follow Swagbucks on Facebook – randomly, codes are posted  
  • Install the Swidget on your blog or find it on someone elses- it tells you if there is a code available and where you’ll find it
  • Invite your friends to join Swagbucks
Join {HERE} – it’s FREE!  

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