Jul 072012

I recently had a conversation with someone about renting storage units. They were saying how they were renting a couple storage units for things they didn’t need in their home. I couldn’t understand – and still don’t understand – why someone would want to do such a thing. If one has that much that they don’t need – why not sell it or donate it? It’s not like storage units are cheap to rent, if you’ve got a lot of stuff.

I understand how sometimes it’s necessary to rent a storage unit. Say, if you’re in an apartment and looking to buy a home where you are gathering things for your new home. Or if you live in an apartment and need some place to store out of season items, decorations, or even a motorcycle, a moped…maybe even bicycles. But just to store items not needed in a home – that seems like it would be an expense that I could make use of elsewhere.

I almost think it came down to this person letting their belongings ‘own’ them, instead of them owning their belongings – almost like a hoarder but not having the need to hoard the stuff in their home.

Do you see the sense in this?

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  1. I had to move back home so I had to put all my stuff in storage indefinitely, but other than the need to store away things I didn’t use often like decorations and sporting equipment, I don’t think I would get a storage unit just to keep “stuff”

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