Mar 232012
silk rose flower

Flowers and plants liven up a home, an office – any place! Flowers are very beautiful to look at and most smell really nice. Plants have added benefits of taking toxins out of the air and providing oxygen into a space in addition to bringing the

outdoors in. However, sometimes buying fresh flowers and plants aren’t always the most cost-effective way to go. Flowers aren’t that long-lasting and plants will die if not located in the right area. Not to worry though – you can still get the same effect of live flowers and plants by using longer lasting options such as silk flowers or artificial plants.

Silk flowers are great for the rooms that don’t have a lot of light filtering in. They’re also nice looking above cabinets – they add a sense of life to that dead space. Add a set of Christmas lights to the equation and you’ve got a stunning warm display. Silk flowers can be draped over the header of curtains adding color and depth. Often times, silk flowers aren’t anymore expensive than a live plant depending on where you’re buying them. Cleaning them isn’t difficult as they make cleaners specifically for silk flowers.

Pothos – I have many of located throughout my home in different leaf colors and leaf sizes. Pothos are a very forgiving plant, which is why I love them so. I love Ivy’s, particularly German Ivy, but I cannot for the life of me, keep Ivy of any species alive in my home. The next best thing is an artificial or silk plant for me. This works for me as the best part – it will last forever! I won’t be throwing money out the window because the plant will literally never die.  Now – that’s forgiveness!

What are your preferences?

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