Jul 112012

Sometimes there is just the need for one to self store items.  The items may be out of season clothing, decorations, bikes in the wintertime, maybe even packing up a house for a moving/selling.  Before we moved into our home, I had a lot of items stored in the attic of an apartment we were living in.  I had been storing items in the attic in anticipation of us finding our own home.  Many of the items were items that I knew for sure would work when we found a home and everything was purchased at BIG discounts.  Then we got a notice from our landlord.

He said – I’m having the attic insulated.  Oh dear…now what!?  He had no clue HOW much I had stored in the attic!  The thought of paying for storing the items – wasn’t what I really had in mind.  My whole purpose of purchasing items in advance and at huge discounts – would have completely been defeated .  There was no telling how long we’d have to rent the storage unit for.  Luckily for us, my in-laws made room in their shed at their home for us to be able to utilize until we moved.

If worse came to worst, I would have opted for self storing over having a company come in and move my stuff.  Paying a company would have:

  • Cost me a lot more than doing it myself
  • I could organize the storage unit myself, putting boxes nearer to the front that I know I would need if we didn’t move in the near future – such as Christmas decor
  • I would know the boxes weren’t going to be damaged or the contents, by careless workers

All worked out in the end for the most part – if I had self stored our stuff in a storage facility – the mice wouldn’t have gotten the best of my knit throws (my fault for not packing better), and they had a field day making beds out of my packing materials.


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