May 172013

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The much-played Scrabble board game has moved its way to the internet.  It’s so easy to find someone to play against regardless of you knowing him or her or not or what time of the day it is.  But just as one would find with the board game – it’s not always that easy to come up with a word out of a certain group of letters before you.  This has led to the development of a Scrabble Word Finder widget.  Check out the widget: for yourself: Word Finder Widget Demo & Code

Did you check the word finder out?  Pretty cool…wouldn’t you say.  If there are several words that can be made out of the letters entered – all will appear right before your eyes.
Webmasters and Bloggers can now imbed the Scrabble Word Finder widget on their sites. With this widget comes benefits to the website owner.  Search engines can send you more traffic from those looking for help to find an answer to their word problem.  In turn, website owners will have more page views; visitors will tend to stay on your site longer – possibly even wanting to learn more about what your site is all about if they’ve never been to your site.  Your website analytics will increase.  And hopefully, once one comes to your site and learns that you have this widget – they will bookmark your site and you’ll see repeat visitors.
You won’t find the widget all that intrusive.  It’s a standard size of 250×250, and as expressed earlier on, it can be embedded in a post or on a sidebar of your site.  It is recommended though to embed the widget in a sidebar so that any visitor that is sent your way – will see it up front and center.
The Scrabble Word Finder widget can be used for many word games – not just Scrabble. There are a lot of word games that one can find this widget useful such as Jumble, Qwerty, Boggle, WordJong, Word Mojo, and many more.

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