Jan 222014
campus book rentals

College is so expensive!  Everything about it – the classes, the boarding, the food, the text books, transportation if you don’t live on campus, parking fees if you do, the supplies, the program fees, laundry – all of it is just so costly.  That said, here are several ways to help cut some of those costs.

For instance, you can use Freecycle.org to find dorm items like refrigerators, bedding, desks, etc.  You can buy meal packages to cut food costs.  Sometimes you can get discounts on classes for registering early.  You can rent textbooks rather than purchasing them or you can rent out textbooks that you own.  Let’s take a look at the latter two suggestions.

Rent Textbooks – Save Money

There are a lot of benefits of doing so especially when you rent from CampusBookRentals.com.

Benefits include:

  • They have the largest selection in the nation
  • You save 40-90% off of bookstore price.
  • There’s the option of flexible renting periods
  • There’s free shipping both ways
  • There’s a 21-day risk free return policy
  • You can highlight in the textbooks
  • Need customer support?  They have live customer support.

Take a peek at how it works:


And when you rent from Campus Book Rentals – for each book rented, a donation is made to Operation Smile (an international children’s medical charity).

Don’t Sell Your Textbooks (if you own them)!  Rent Them Out! Make Money!

That’s right – don’t sell your textbooks!  Make money with the textbooks you already own in the RentBack program that Campus Book Rentals offers.  Your textbooks will be rented out to other students with this program – putting money back in your pocket.  You’ll make 2-4x’s the money renting out your textbooks instead of though buyback options.  Sounds like a win-win, doesn’t it?

Have you ever rented textbooks, or rented your textbooks out, that you already owned?  What was your experience – we’d love for you to share it with us.

  12 Responses to “Save on College Expenses – Rent Textbooks – Own Them? Rent Them Out!”

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  1. when i was in school we did not have this available. i could buy used textbooks and then sell them back, but this would helped a lot with money back then.

  2. I rented my daughters books from here this year and it saved me a ton of money! This is a great place to deal with!!

  3. i will remember this for when my son goes to college

  4. I rented a lot of my books in college and it definitely saved me money. I can’t remember how I found out about renting text books but I’m sure glad I did because after my freshmen year I thought I was going to go broke and starve due to book costs.

  5. This is an excellent idea and I wish they had this when I went to college years ago, it would have saved me lots of money!

  6. this is a very great post

  7. wish this site was around when i was in college and grad school. text books are so expensive….however, today many are on digital

  8. Thanks for sharing this valuable info! I will defintiely check this out for sure!

  9. This is such a great idea! I wish they had this when I was in college!

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