Apr 232014
beauty encounter discount coupon

Use your coupon from Beauty Encounter to get even lower prices on women’s perfume, makeup, bath products, skincare and accessories. Products on clearance sale have marked down prices from 40%-80%. You can even get these at extra 30% off just by using your coupon. So what great products are in store for you?

Check these out:

1. Peace Love & Juicy Couture for Women. Apples and lemon tree blossoms will fill your senses for spring and summer. Enjoy this perfume that comes in a two-piece stylish set: perfume spray and a cosmetic pouch.

2. Glotherapeutics Clear Acne Cleanser. Prepare for a possible, oilier skin in spring and summer. Prevent growth at the onset of acne with this cleanser that controls oil and prevents further acne build-up.

3. Lancome Rouge Sensation Lipstick. Wear vibrant pinks, reds and oranges during springtime. Apply this Lancome lipstick in Anime shade and you’ll notice how softly and easily this fabulous color will stay for hours.

4. Goldwell Outdoor & Sun Care Intelligent Hair Balm. Feeling your hair drying under the warm weather? Protect your hair from harmful rays with this moisturizing balm for easy combing.

5. Mor Cosmetics Emporium Feijoa Lime Body Butter. After a long day, shower and indulge yourself in the richness of body butter with infused citrus scents and vanilla blends.

6. glominerals Smudge Brush. How about toning down grays and blacks with brown and golds and plums and lavender? When creating a smokey eye look, use a smudge brush to evenly blend and contour eye shadow and liner on your lids.

Make sure to drop by at Beauty Encounter to get these clearance items while stocks are still available. Got some beauty tips up your sleeve? Share your secret in staying beautiful and you might just be one of the lucky winners of $50 eCoupon card. Sounds easy, right? All you have to do is join Beauty Encounter’s contest this April 2014. Start giving tips now! Check out also their amazing gift guide for Moms this coming Mother’s Day.

Image courtesy of digitalart/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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