Jan 102014

Valentine’s Day 2014 is approaching us very fast and Layla Grayce wants to save you some money on Valentine’s Day Gifts.

You can  save 15% off Valentine’s Day Gifts at Layla Grayce! from now until January 31, 2014 by heading to Layla Grayce  and use the promo code LOVE15 at checkout.

Plus, during the month of January Layla Grayce features Lili Alessandra!

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  1. Thanks so much for the heads up!

  2. thanks for this post

  3. I’ve just returned from their site. Love their candleholders. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the discount code.. I will check the site out..

  5. Great deal, thanks for the tip! 🙂

  6. great deal!!

  7. Thank you for the deal,they have a lot of beautiful items.

  8. Well thank you very much! I hadnt heard of them before now and I am loving what I am seeing there!

    • I hear what you’re saying when you learn of a new site/company that you’ve never heard of. I found a couple during the holiday season and must be very careful not to indulge!

  9. Thank you for the discount code!

  10. Thanks for the discount code!

  11. Please give tips on blogging! I love your blog!


  12. Thank you for sharing this with us….

  13. Visiting. usesul code. wht im going to buy for my love ya? hii

  14. Thank you! I had never checked this place out but I see it has some really great stuff!!

  15. Like what I see on this site.

  16. thanks for the info and the great deal.

  17. Thank you so much! Sometimes it’s hard to shop for special holidays without breaking the bank. We really appreciate this information.

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