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Are You the Safest Driver On the Road?

Driving a vehicle means having a large amount of responsibility put in your hands on a regular basis.

With that being the case, are you doing all you can to be the safest driver on the road each time out?

When it comes to driving in a responsible manner, drivers don’t always get second chances. In fact, a mistake can cause an accident that has life-changing consequences.

So, what are you doing to be the safest individual behind the wheel?

Refresh Your Driving Skills

So that you can be the best drive possible, start by getting back to basics.

Remember when you went for your learner’s permit and then your driver’s license? It all likely began with checking a DMV handbook.

In that handbook, you learned about not only your state’s rules of the road, but also features of a vehicle and much more. So, did you grasp everything at the time so that you would learn the right way to operate a car or truck?

For those who did, they may have very well gone years or even forever without an accident. For others who did not do as well, they may have been part of one or more accidents over time.

In refreshing your driving skills, here are a few keys:

  1. Don’t think you know it all – While it is fine to be confident behind the wheel, don’t let that confidence do you in. There is nothing wrong with refreshing your driving skills on a regular basis. This can mean even taking a driver safety course on occasion. In some instances, doing so could save you some money on your auto insurance premiums.
  2. Learn more about your vehicle – If you’ve recently purchased a new car or truck, learn all there is to know about it. Does it have safety features such as backup camera systems or lane-departure alerts? One or both of these could help you in being a safer and more alert driver. If you have an older vehicle, make sure it passes the safety test. Like a newer car or truck, this also means checking on the tires and brakes on a regular basis. If one or more safety features on your vehicle are not up to speed, you and others are at risk.
  3. Be wary of bad drivers – Last, although your driving skills may be up to speed, the same is not true for others. As such, be aware of bad drivers and the impact they can have on your life. That means watching out for those who tailgate, speed, don’t use turn signals, cut off other drivers and more. And also do your best to avoid getting into a road rage confrontation with anyone. All that does is set the stage for conflict. That conflict is one where no one wins.

In trying to be the safest driver on the road, you have a lot of responsibility in your hands.

As such, do all you can to be the safest driver so you get home safe and sound each time out with your vehicle of choice.

  15 Responses to “Are You the Safest Driver On the Road?”

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  1. Great reminders! I think I’m a pretty safe driver, but even I make some unwise choices sometimes. This was good for me to read. It’s such a huge responsibility every time we drive our vehicles!

  2. These are cool pointers to keep safe on the road.

  3. i think everyone should always refresh their driving skills. seen a man today driving down the wrong side of the road, scared me half to death !

  4. i now for fact the kids here in mo do not now how to drive any thing they think htey can rush through the lights here

    • So sorry to hear this Desiree. We have a lot of road rage that just shouldn’t be. People don’t realize – it’s a privilege to possess a license.

  5. I may not be the safest driver on the road, but I am a safe driver. Thank you for sharing.

  6. It’s always a great idea to refresh your driving skills. I have seen so many bad drivers on the road lately, especially since the weather has been bad. I have almost been hit numerous times from people who are on their phones instead of paying attention to the road. I think everyone should have to do a refreshment course every so often.

  7. i think every driver should read this ! so important

  8. I really enjoyed reading the entire post, thank you for all the useful tips!

  9. Thanks for the article and the info.

  10. I find that defensive driving is the best course of action. We live in a town with a large elderly population. It is essential to be aware of other drivers!

  11. I like to think I make pretty good choices while driving!! I always errr on the side of caution!! I do not check my car as much as I should though!

  12. I do not own a car but when I do drove I try to be the safest I can

  13. Great things to know. I like to think that I am a great driver..

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