Jan 312011

The focus of this website is sending a postcard directly from his or her cell phone to anyone in their address book or from their computer. The process, in itself, was simple however; the glitches I ran into made the experience not such a good one. If by chance, any of you have had any type of experience with this website, I would love to hear it. 

I had a very difficult time adding the address of the person I was sending the card to. In fact, I couldn’t use Internet Explorer as it wouldn’t let me save the information…all I could do was hit the cancel button. I then tried Firefox’s web browser. I had the same problem.  On Google Chrome, I could save the address but couldn’t upload a picture from my desktop…I got the error msg.”plugin missing.” I don’t even know what plugin I was missing as there was no indication of what plugin was needed.  This also occurred on IE.
I entered the address on Google Chrome and then was able to chose who the post card was going to on Internet Explorer.  I received an email confirmation shortly after hitting the send button. 

You ask…”How much does this cost?”  Here’s what their website states: 
Postcards cost 99 cents each when sent anywhere in the United States. The cost to send internationally is $1.98. Postcards are sold in packs of 10 and 20.
10 postcards cost $9.90, 20 postcards cost $19.80 – plus you get a free bonus postcard when you buy the 20 pack! NOTE: You can also send postcards to any APO (Army Post Office) or FPO (Fleet Post Office) for just 99 cents. If you want to send postcards to any other foreign address, we charge the equivalent of 2 postcards ($1.98).

When you buy a pack, it is not necessary to use them all at once.  The unused postcards stay in your account until you are ready to send another.  The trial offer consists of where you can send one postcard free without having to enter any payment information.  The site has a rewards program as well.  

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