Feb 052011
Okay…so I have this thing about re-purposing anything I am able.  My daughter loves Pringles and every time I see an empty container all I can think of is…what can I do with that???  Well…tonight I found my answer!  I was cooking spaghetti for my Pesto.  The bag the spaghetti came in (as all the other noodles that come in cellophane bags) ripped.  I saw the Pringles container sitting on the counter I had washed the other day as I was determined to put it to use again.  Well, let me tell you!  Spaghetti fits in that container to a tee!  Even without taking out the handful I did (to cook), I know it would have held the entire 2lb bag.Another item I re-purpose are the containers bakery cakes/cookies come in….you know…the ones that usually have a clear top and a black bottom.  These stack real nicely inverted upside down.  I use them to store sewing projects, craft projects, all my smaller painting tools, my daughter has one full of crayons…there is just no end to what can go in these.

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