Nov 102012
Purex Plus Oxi

One of my favorite brands of laundry detergent is Purex.  The price is right and I’ve found that the product cleans just as well as the higher priced laundry detergents.  Purex has made me love their brand even more!  They’ve come out with a new product, Purex plus Oxi.  I happen to be a fan of Oxi anything.  I have such good results when I use these types of products.  When I learned I was being sent a bottle of Purex Plus Oxi – I was all too excited.  I couldn’t wait to see if it measured up to the other brands of laundry detergents that I use containing Oxi

The new Purex plus Oxi has three-stain fighting enzymes that work against of stains.  It ‘s been specially formulated to work in both HE (high efficiency) washers and traditional washing machines.  In addition, with the new Purex plus Oxi you can pretreat stains too, simply by pouring a little of the detergent onto the stain, rub the stained fabric together and then let it sit for five minutes before washing. You then add the Purex plus Oxi to the load of clothes as you normally would.  No more needing pretreating stain products! That’s a savings all in itself.

I’m very pleased with the product.  I’ve been using the product about a three weeks now on loads of laundry that contained soiled clothing protectors (adult bibs), greased stained shirts and pants, along with the every day dirty laundry that piles sky high to the moon in no time at all (well, it seems that way…maybe not as high as to the moon).

I think you’d be very pleased with the product too.  And to give you a chance at trying the product for free – Purex has given me coupons for a free bottle of Purex plus Oxi to giveaway to my readers.  Entry is simple and fast. You may select to complete all the entries to better your chances of winning, or just one.
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  1. excellent………

  2. Weather was nice but I have calf pain…not feeling so great right now.

  3. My day is just starting. Loving the cool weather and may take the kids skating today.

  4. Wonderful day so far.

  5. so far so good. it is a day off from work so that is always excellent.

  6. It`s a very good day.

  7. fun and relaxing. me and my niece did some crafts and watched a movie together.

  8. Pretty good, got lots of housework done

  9. My day has been very quiet and relaxing.

  10. Great Day!

  11. My day is going well so far! I hope yours is too! 🙂

  12. It has been an okay day but not just up to par.

  13. I had a great day!

  14. Had a nice quiet day.

  15. my day was great

  16. had a great day was grandsons 11th birthday and went to his party had fun! beautiful weather

  17. had a great day beautiful weather went to grandsons 11th birthday party had a good time with kids and family!

  18. I had an ok day. I spent the day with my kids working on cleaning the house to get ready for all of the family and friends coming over for Thanksgiving. We are trying to get all of the cleaning done this weekend so we will have time to go do something fun on Monday.

  19. I can’t get the pinterest link to work.

  20. it was great 🙂

  21. First day back at work after a 10 day trip to Hawaii. Kind of a blah day…

  22. It was a good day. The phones went out at work for over 2 hours it was so nice and quiet.

  23. I love this brand too. The fresh liberating smell is the best.

  24. Thankful even if i had to sell some stuff to get by

  25. A normal, quiet day today, thanks!

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